“Here’s A Poem” by Jack Grapes

Jack Grapes

Here’s a poem that has not
been revised or rewritten
or read aloud or cut
or extended or given to a lover.
Here’s a poem that
has no code word, no
name for something else,
no intended meaning,
no axe to grind.
Here’s a poem inconsequential
as a thumbtack.
Give me a penny for it
and you’ve overpaid.
Lose it and it’s still there
for all that it was worth.
Here’s a poem less than
twenty lines.
Defend it.

Jack Grapes

from his book “Trees, Coffee and the Eyes of Deer”

All Rights Reserved

© 1987

“In The Year Twenty Ten” Vicki Batkin

i will hear the sounds
of gentle rain.

i will breathe
in and out,
slowly enough
to hear
slow down.

i will embrace
my husband’s snoring,
as my new lullaby.

i will wear
a smile with promise.
my stride
will follow.

i will shut off the water
while brushing my teeth.
spit out less
look into the mirror more.

i will glide
across the room,
wearing three inch
black stilettos

i will live.
i will want.
i will change.
i will love.
i will laugh.
i will cry.
i will drink
and eat
i will dance.
i will gain 5
and loose 10.
i will be grateful
and un-grateful
i will stand
i will fall….

in the year Twenty Ten.

Vicki Batkin

Photo by Alexis Rhone Fancher

All Rights Reserved

© 2010