“Action!” by Shirley Ballard

the satisfaction

of the positive action

is not an easy thing…

experiencing a day

of sun, clear skies

a good phone call

to or from

is almost as

fulfilling as

as a groovy

love tryst

Shirley Ballard


(86yrs. young Miss. CA. 1944, actress

my neighbor and BFF)

© 2010

(I inspired her to start writing poetry, she hadn’t written since her husband died…that makes me so happy!) 🙂

Foto by L. K. Thayer

Juicy Quote

“When I told my mother that I wanted to be an actress, she said, you can’t live here and do that,

and so I moved out. I was determined to prove her wrong because she was so sure that I was going to go astray.

And that’s the juice that kept me going.”

– Cicely Tyson

L. K. Thayer’s Foto Fetish

© 2010

“To A Young Actress” by Michael C Ford

Perfectly, you call us to
eternity’s corrugated edge.
It’s hard, sometimes, to

flood the world, when you
are not God. And, then,
discover your hard copy

script is full of dull liquid
solvent syllables. When you
need to name counterpart

character lives all the time
your protagonist beat actions,
eventually, find out more about

how delicate the balance is
between the creative boards
you walk on and the divided

life you carry across the stage.
So does incontinent direction
bring on destruction of a cruel

muse?  Or is it only your role in
our sensory rebellion going into
a major production?

=Michael C Ford

© 2010