“Don’t Ship Me Off Far From Light” by Roz Levine

When I’m old and wrinkled with hair so white
Will you ship me off to live far from light
Will I lose my friends and all that I love
With getting old, is that the rub
Will joy never more come my way
With life a great bore each and every day
So daughters, please don’t imprison me
Let me live where I can breathe free
Where I can write words deep in the dark
Where I can enjoy life, listen to the lark
Don’t imprison me in an old person’s home
Let me have freedom for my mind to roam
Let me feel the earth under these feet
Let me chat with any new people I meet
When I’m old and wrinkled with hair so white
Daughters, don’t ship me off to live far from light

Roz Levine

L. K. Thayer’s Foto Fetish

© 2011

“Where Was I?” by Mark McNease

My train of thought
derailed by something so simple
as the movement of a foot.
Where was I?
Telling you again
I would be there through it all.

I meant it.
I felt it.
I defined it in my actions.
Then a woman stood
to get her laptop from the overhead bin
and I was gone. That quickly.

Where was I
sliding into my 50s, aware now
of the signs, looking for slips
of the tongue, forgotten keys.
We must watch for these things
as decades pass and the time
comes round again where I may wonder
where you are.
Mark McNease

L.K. Thayer’s Foto Fetish

© 2011

“Last Years Shadow” by Mitch Hicks


Last years shadow
Where do they go
Shadows and years
Tell me
Do they age
Will my shadow live on
I hope so
Years are like bad dreams
They haunt you
More than you think
My shadow looked on as I was being exhumed
For the first time I saw my death face
Yes it was a dream
Seeing my demise looking grey but at peace
Years are like death they happen and don’t return
Make friends of your shadow
Dance with the year
Embrace both showing not an ounce of fear

Poem & Snap by Mitch Hicks, U.K.

© 2011

“Once More” by Roz Levine

The last time my eyes saw his

He twinkled with mischief

Croaked how he’d shared his bed

With such a good old friend

The one who’d lost her breasts

The one with a heart as big as the Pacific

The one who breathed fire on him

His words whispered from a voice

On the low down of this battle

The big boom sound of yesteryears

Silenced by ALS creeping up his body

He whispered how his wife

Couldn’t bear to touch his flesh

Was she repulsed by the disease

Afraid of his coming death

Fearful of a life alone

He didn’t say what or why

Just whispered the beautiful

How it was to be close to skin once more

To feel a woman’s heat once more

To know he was still alive once more

Loved by someone

Desired by someone

Some place on this earth

Roz Levine

Photo by VC Ferry

© 2010