“Haze” by Alex Bledsoe

I walk through the cloud of exhaust visible on this cold morning, younger son buckled into his car seat, his brother awaiting my help. For an instant the carbon monoxide surrounds me and I’m reminded it was the last thing that helped my big brother the night he decided his little brother didn’t need him.

Photo & Poem by Alex Bledsoe

(author, novelist)

All Rights Reserved

© 2010

“On watching “The Godfather” with my newborn son” by Alex Bledsoe

Alex + Charlie + Guitar

The nurse checked on you while Mommy slept.
You and I watched Michael and Enzo bluff Sollozzo’s goons.
Like Michael, your father was in a hospital,
but the Tattaglias hadn’t put me there
and you didn’t get your jaw broken to save me.
Your tiny fingers curled around my thumb,
the offer I couldn’t refuse,
and no one took sides against our family
in the middle of that first night.

Alex Bledsoe

“Sovereignty” poem by Alex Bledsoe

All Rights Reserved

© 2009