“America, Once So Beautiful” by Roz Levine

Photo by L. K. Thayer


As in who spilled the beans


As in don’t cry over spilt milk


As in blood spilled across the land

And the blood spilled

Dripped cells of DNA

Of doubt and derision

Of death and destruction

As America

Once so beautiful

Flamed flesh to fire

And cities burned

And cities turned to ash

And cities turned to dust

And the spill of life

Turned to a thrill song

In bones of young ones

Sent to do deeds, so dirty

Young ones harvesting hatred

With brains depressed

Growing trauma buds

Where once love did bloom

But the hallow and hate

Harvested fetid rosebuds

Strewn across the land

Splayed over hard stone

Words inscribed

He was only 20

Our son

Our boy

He was only 20

When he spilled his blood

For folly’s sake

For Bush/Cheney lies

He was only 20

When he burned to ash

In his Hummer

On desert sands

He was only 20

Our son

Our boy

When he turned to nothing but

For America, once so beautiful

Roz Levine

© 2010