“Thief of Hearts” by Angela Cohan

He smiles his confident smile

Since he knows that he can get away with anything

He haunts me in my dreams

And terrorizes me when I’m awake

What really want to do

Is to break his stony heart

And wipe that smirk off his arrogant face

I’d like to plan my revenge

Kick him where it hurts

And erase the mask that he uses as his façade

I want to prove to him that he can no longer control me

And that I am finally free from his tyrannical rule

I want to tell the thief of hearts to let me go

Because I am a strong woman

And my heart belongs to me

Angela Cohan

Photo by VC Ferry

© 2010

“Chasing Rainbows” by Angela Cohen

It’s on these cold winter nights

When I’m afraid of my own shadow

I have stared failure in the face

And I have come out on the dark side of the moon

At times shame swells in my parched throat

But I still count my blessings

Even though I have had my share of broken promises

I think about the labyrinth of fear surrounding me

I long to rescue my lost, wounded soul

And rise above the melancholy state of this world

But I know it will require much patience to accomplish

this improbable feat

Angela Cohen

Photo by VC Ferry

© 2010

“The Tormentor” by Angela Cohen

My tormentor has bound me to invisible chains

He likes to say that I am at his mercy

I have to withstand the barrage of his daily verbal abuse

and pretend that I enjoy his company

I long to go home, but he says that he needs a companion—

Someone who can tolerate his dark soul, his unpredictable moods

and his unacceptable behavior

I have begged and pleaded with him to let me go

I’ve promised him riches, but he says none of that matters to him

He is happy to see me suffer

He likes to see me fall into despair

I feel foolish for falling into his trap

Like a helpless insect trapped in an elaborate spider’s web

I slowly drown in fear and utmost sorrow

As he takes my hand and leads me to an eternal inferno

Angela Cohen

Photo by VC Ferry

All Rights Reserved

© 2010

“Crying For A Camel” by Angela Cohen


I shed a tear for the camel in the desert sand

His sad eyes and the muzzle that covered his mouth

Spoke volumes about his hurt and pain

He looked helpless sitting in the desert sand

His lovely, large brown eyes stared into the distance,

as if he had learned to ignore the people who crowd around him

to take pictures, to jump on his hump or to ride him

I remember the camel in the desert sand

and I am forever haunted by the images I saw

of the helpless camel who was being used and abused

I shed a tear for the camel

and I will never forget the pleading in his sad eyes

Angela Cohen

All Rights Reserved

© 2009