“A Poem For You” by Anne Norda



Whether 2010 sucked or rocked

I invite you to say goodbye

to the songs unsung

to the words unspoken

to the wishes that didn’t fly


Say farewell to each regret

to every stumble and every fall

let go of all your karmic debts

get ready to have a ball


Au revoir each lapse of faith

Adios to unbidden fears

Sayonara to loss and sadness

Moi moi to those wintery tears


Then turn your cheek from sorrow to sappy

Prepare to make New Year’s vows to “Be happy!”


Each year I fool myself into thinking

that I could lose those pounds and stop drinking

I continue to chant the chant of possibility

and chug my last champagne at some festivity


I even do a silly “let go” ritual

burn the past and create a future virtual

emblazoned in my notebook to be read

once in the morning and every night before bed


I brainwash myself into thinkin’

that if I lose weight and stop drinkin’

my life will improve in great measures

and angels will guide me to endless treasures


A million bucks will magically fall in my lap

and my mystery dream man won’t be a sap

all my projects will suddenly manifest

and my poems will always be the best


If hope springs eternal, then with this poem I declare

that THIS YEAR will conjure all our dreams from thin air

but most sincerely, I pray for me and for you

that WORLD PEACE will inch its way to coming true.

Photo & Poem by Anne Norda

© 2010


“KARMA” by Ann Norda

I wait
the thunder of a beast
who once bled my soul
crawls up my spiraling spine
threatens to unfurl my mind
once again

I wait
the silence shrouds my heart
I am not obscured, but saved
intricate murmurs of
miasmic hope shiver through
once again

I wait
the earth revolves
over my carcass backwards
in time –  the world stares
at this fetus in the sand
and lifts me from starvation
once again

I wait
wondering who this
silken skin belongs to
what this gracious curve of
breast might mean
how my essence
fell into being
once again

once again
I wait for a world
to erupt under my feet
enrapture me in its arms
and spit me out
with my

Photograph & Poem by Anne Norda

January 11,  © 2010

“ATOM & EVE” by Anne Norda

Dance with me.
Fold me over in the swirling cape
of your ocean’s breath. Cast me
beneath the coral shores of your
luscious hungry eyes.

Hurl me – spinning like a topsy-turvy toy –
limpid, ragged, splayed against your
crimson crashing reef, crushed upon your
lovely lyric shores.

Oh, send me to the moon,
to the moon, in a torrent of
churning, burning ribs and joints,
limbs and hips and bones and fingers,
spine, bending at the molten core,
backwards beneath our floating toes.

Elbows, held in ceremonial convulsions,
fanning the flames of our communion,
flapping our wings in ancient ritual,
archetypally eroding into a frenzied
celebration, a frenetic flight beyond libido,
a statement of eternal yesterday, unassailable,
unrepentant, anxiously awaiting the dawn.

Your periwinkle eyes, your petrified
thighs, all deceive me and weave me
further in my wastrel’s cave where
in an instant, I find my self: Venus,
Isis, Hera, Eve… Helen of Troy,
slaying every heart, calling
every sword to arms, to my arms,
to my waiting arms, drenched
in a tiger’s balm of instant amnesia.
And I spin and I spin and I spin
in an ever closing spiral,
pointing to the sun.

Like a crazy whirling Dervish,
in an endlessly twirling world,
I surrender. I’m a ballerina bauble,
wrapped up in your electric tango arms.

Photo & Poem by Anne Norda

All Rights Reserved
© 2008

“She Becomes” by Anne Norda

She becomes
a vortex of small things.
Externally, the child needs milking,
the dog springs hopefully, eternally
in circles counter-clockwise
around her ankles,
and the man wants nothing
more than her every waking
thought and breath to be his
and his alone.

And the earth calls for nurture,
water and careful attention to detail.
Her neighbors want her to turn down
the volume.

She’s been rocking and rolling again,
forgetting the unspoken rule:
don’t rock the boat, don’t wake the folk,

dance if you must, but tango slowly
and silently behind the curtains
lest the world suspect
you’ve remembered who you are.

Not the god of doldrums and despair
as you’d once feared,
but the goddess of deliciousness.

Exultation is your deity.
Declaration your prayer.
And this, this very moment
your vortex of desire.

Photo & Poem by Anne Norda

All Rights Reserved

© 2010

“UNDOUBTEDLY” by Anne Norda

Frozen moon shadow
rakes across her breast
a sliver of regret pulses
still she sacrifices her heart
heedless of the black terror
blasting from the past

Inevitably, inexorably
every way she ever imagined
she soars into love
lifted over the precipice
of darkness and murk
that swamp place
a cold upside-down
pinnacle of despair

A trajectory of sun daggers
spin her toward an oasis of ecstasy
emblems of visionary impulses
summoning her to a tomorrow
beckoning life stampedes the dark spot
in her heart
it is now
she is yes

Photography & Poem by Anne Norda

All Rights Reserved

© 2010