“The Best Of Me” by L. K. Thayer

Snapped by Mitch Hicks

“Thank you for applying for
the above position.
Unfortunately on this occasion
your application
has been unsuccessful.
We wish you every success
with your job search.
Kind Regards…”

Kind Regards, Kind Regards…

I am taken off guard
Disregarded, so unkindly

So dismissed
So dissed
Did I miss the boat?
Oh how I do feel at a loss
Out to sea
Let the waves of rejection
Wash over me!
I will count to three
One, two, three
Just let me be me
Just let me be
I will shake
Another apple tree
Just you
Wait and see
I shall not let you get

the best of me!

L. K. Thayer

Snap by Mitch Hicks – U.K.

© 2010