“Applesauce I Love You” by Chanel Brenner

Riley loved to make people laugh.

One of his favorite jokes was to kiss the container of applesauce I packed

in his lunch over and over again and declare,

Applesauce, I love you! I love you so much I want to marry you!”

His friends in class would laugh.

He would keep on kissing the applesauce

until he was sure that there was no more laughter.

So when you pick an apple off this tree, think of Riley.

And if you really love a particular fruit or vegetable

don’t be afraid to show it, even unabashedly kiss it

and proclaim your everlasting love and intent to marry it!

Even if people might look at you a little funny and wonder

why is that boy or girl kissing an eggplant?

Think of Riley and just go for it.

Maybe you will make someone laugh.

I know Riley would have.

Chanel Brenner

Dedicated In Loving Memory to

Riley Brenner

July 28th, 2004 – March 7th, 2011

© 2011