“goddess” by Apryl Skies

she paints herself in mud
to hide her nakedness
digs a ditch to lie in

wishing to be ravaged
by rabbit or lion
reticent until dusk

do not disturb–
her mud now blood

when the beasts do not come
she plucks carrots to lure
from the place she once planted seeds

they sit on her chest
arms crossed–

only hungry locusts arrive
with sharp tusks
giraffes patterned the fields where she lay

that is how they found her.

Apryl Skies

Photo by LadyHawk/insight4cos

© 2012

“In The Company Of Women” book release!

*A portion of the proceeds for each book sold will be donated to Doctors Without Borders*

I am a story… ~Cklara Moradian

The elephant in the room is armed

with breastplates Each time a woman’s

name is called we hurl our collective

breath  ~Barbara Moore


Bella was forever Mrs. Peacock  

in the library, rope in hand

hanging on harsh words ~Apryl Skies


for all the wild ponies in my life

may we always run free…~Alicia Winski


Dear Friends,


Mark your calendars for March 14, 2012! For the BOOK RELEASE IN THE COMPANY OF WOMEN: An Anthology of Wit & Wisdom, Sass & Class


In celebration of International Women’s History Month (March) and National poetry month (April) I cordially invite you to the official & much anticipated Online Book Launch for In the Company of Women; including the work of over 40 talented women from across the globe!


This is so exciting for all of us and we know you will enjoy the collection of over 100 carefully selected pieces of literature.


Proud contributors include Alicia Winski, Amanda LaPera, Annie Brodrick, Annie Hilerio, April Michelle Bratten, Apryl Skies, Barbara Moore, Bina Gupta, Camille Solari, Candice James, Carol Knepper, Carol McAdoo Rehme, Catharine Grasty, Cristina Umpfenbach-Smyth, Cklara Moradian, Gillian Prew, Gloria J. Wimberley, Helena Hunter, Jacqui Corcoran, Jessica Wilson, Karen Jones, Kate Lamberg, Katherine L. Gordon, Kimberley Rockdale, Lauri Langston, Leila A. Fortier, L.K. Thayer, Lois Michal Unger, Martina Reisz Newberry, Melissa Grossman, Pam Lampe, Paula Lietz, Peggy Anne Larson, Petra Whiteley, R. V. Reyes, Sadie Harris, Samantha Ledger, Sheila Crawford, Sheila Hageman, Silver Corbin, Sophia Argyris, Stephanie Bryant Anderson, Teri Louise Kelly, Tracie Skarbo, Trish Falin & Wanda Morrow Clevenger


For more info please visit our website: www.EdgarAllanPoet.com!


With much love and inspiration!

        ~Apryl Skies~
 ~Author  ~Poet~ Filmmaker~

Dear Charles by Apryl Skies

Dear Charles,

I wonder if I went back in time

to rewrite history all in rhyme

might we have met in a salacious bar

and made dirty love beneath the stars?

Waking up wrapped in hotel linen

tasting lips still stained with gin

I ponder how my name might sound

from your tongue with words profound

Would I become a tawdry poem,

your desire, an insatiable, cursed omen,

master, beast, A Dog From Hell

seductions of some wicked spell?

Don’t leave me yet, I have not said

all I wish to proclaim before bed

take these words and eat them,

like the fabric beneath my ruffled hem~

April Skies

(Read Apryl’s fabulous article on L.K. Thayer

in the LA Examiner!)

© 2012

“Love Is A Can Of Peaches” by Apryl Skies

Handing out heartfelt
like tires for swings

Poetry is not novelty
nor poverty
but every grain
of beauty and sadness
that rests in between

I dream of you
where sun touches morning
and gentle stars retreat

I see you
where soul crisps on the edge
of a fiery football Sunday
where cursing is excused
(even for me)

Who cares what the neighbors think?

I place my fingers
into the softness of flour
and produce a perfect
homemade pizza dough

A dirty dishrag
lies limply
on the kitchen counter
and this is my love song.

From A Song Beneath Silence

by Apryl Skies