Gregory Corso

“Birthplace Revisited”

I stand in the dark light in the dark
and look up at my window, I was
born there.
The lights are on; other people are
moving about.
I am with raincoat; cigarette in
hat over eye, hand on gat.
I cross the street and enter the
The garbage cans haven’t stopped
I walk up the first flight; Dirty Ears
aims a knife at me…
I pump him full of lost watches.

Gregory Corso

Jack Kerouac

“ORLANDO BLUE:  31st Chorus”

O Gary Snyder
we work in many ways
In Montreal I suffered tile
and rain

In Additional Christmas
waylayed babes

In old crow Hotels
full of blue babes
in pink dressinggowns

But O Gary Snyder
where’d you go,
What I meant was
there you go

In Montreal I worked a manied-way

And better than Old Post
I learned to appreciate
in many ways
Montreal, Soulsville,
and Drain

Jack Kerouac

Jack Micheline


I got no smile cause I’m down
I carry a horn to blow in all these streets

A solo riff out of my head

How could your ever know I feel

So high on life and feet and ass and legs and thighs

That I can rise and dance with all the stars

And I can eat the moon and laugh an I can cry

The dark caves of cities hungry streets

The tired faces dark and dreary bent

and all the death it dies

I let it die

I lift my horn and blow some sounds

some sound for kids to come

Some unborn sun

in darker streets than mine

Magicians carry wings so they can fly

Let’s blow a horn and love

Let’s get on it and ride

and laugh and dance and jive

Let’s shake the dead and let the downers die

The magic of the singers warms the earth

A song

A poem

Some paradise of mind

I got to smile now

I’m feeling good

The city street

The palace of my mind

Jack Micheline