“Face to Face” by Shequita Johnson


As the sunlight penetrates through the drapes of the bedroom window,
I’m awakened by its’ gentle nudge across my eyelids,
Softly caressing the side of my belly, thoughts of you rest against the pillow….
The time is near and soon your precious face will shine upon the earth….
A most valuable gift from God, my very own angel sent from above…..
Escorted by the wings of love from the Most High…
Delivered in His is presence will be a soul as pure as a dove……….
Within a few days you will arrive…….
Welcomed in an embrace by motherly love…….
And calmed by the peace radiating through the gentle stare of my eyes…..
Joy vibrates through my heart and out of my soul trumpets an echo of cries…
Our bond is strengthened as I feel you gently shift within….
Anticipation reveals the image of you snuggled against my chest……
And the breath of your life sailing across my skin….
There’s a love that consumes every crevice of my heart as I cradle you around your waist….
For the hour is approaching my angel, my darling, my heart ……
And soon ……..we will be face to face…….

Shequita Johnson

Photo by Charles Brown

C.B. Vizionz Photography

“On watching “The Godfather” with my newborn son” by Alex Bledsoe

Alex + Charlie + Guitar

The nurse checked on you while Mommy slept.
You and I watched Michael and Enzo bluff Sollozzo’s goons.
Like Michael, your father was in a hospital,
but the Tattaglias hadn’t put me there
and you didn’t get your jaw broken to save me.
Your tiny fingers curled around my thumb,
the offer I couldn’t refuse,
and no one took sides against our family
in the middle of that first night.

Alex Bledsoe

“Sovereignty” poem by Alex Bledsoe

All Rights Reserved

© 2009

Stephen Kalinich (quote)

Stephen Kalinich


that are not written
have the force of a thousand words


that are lived in the silence
produce grand results


To know when a poem

should be released or

is true mastery of the art
to know what to leave out
where not to go
is as important

as what one writes
the language is alive.

words crawl through the brain cells

ignite the feelings

arrive and before you know it

they are out….

you have given birth….”

Stephen Kalinich

Photo by Mark Mawston

All Rights Reserved

© 2009