“Sparkle Plenty” by Alexis Rhone Fancher

“Iʼm worried;
I canʼt lose my sparkle,” she says.
“It draws people to me,
gives me my edge.
Itʼs the stress;
Iʼm afraid itʼll suck me dry.”
“Youʼll never run out,” I tell her,
“youʼre the
Queen of Sparkle!”

She smiles the same
smile that captured
my lips that
day in the pool when
shining, naked,
she rocked me,
hands caressing my ass,
her sparkling breasts
flush up against me,
soft pillows, pressed into

For Angela Blessing, with love from

“Tomatoes” by C. Jean Pearlstein

I unloaded the box of Costco tomatoes from the car
Perfectly round, red but not overripe, each
Fits into its appointed hollow in the plastic
Form inserted into the cardboard crate.

I bought them because they’re cheap, and
We eat lots of tomatoes
Even in the summer when we get some from the garden.
Each day I eat one, sliced on my
Sandwich, and wedged, they’re large.

As I cut them and handle them it dawns on me—they’re clones
Identical in every respect for easy harvest,
Shipping, storage and to entice buyers.

Just like at the gym, two women
One young, one much older
Working out on either side of me
My grandma breasts hang low and flat
Theirs defy gravity, identical, perfectly round,
And firm with outie nipples
Waiting to be plucked off the shelf
Taken home
And eaten.

C. Jean Pearlstein

© 2010

“UNDOUBTEDLY” by Anne Norda

Frozen moon shadow
rakes across her breast
a sliver of regret pulses
still she sacrifices her heart
heedless of the black terror
blasting from the past

Inevitably, inexorably
every way she ever imagined
she soars into love
lifted over the precipice
of darkness and murk
that swamp place
a cold upside-down
pinnacle of despair

A trajectory of sun daggers
spin her toward an oasis of ecstasy
emblems of visionary impulses
summoning her to a tomorrow
beckoning life stampedes the dark spot
in her heart
it is now
she is yes

Photography & Poem by Anne Norda

All Rights Reserved

© 2010