“Secret Beaches” by David Romero



Secret beaches
Tend not to live up to their name
But they often mean a lot
To those who name them
Today we walk your secret beach together
The meaning is not lost on me
Today we walk
Like mad and innocent children
You make me feel ancient
We have a history
Years ago I took you to a secret beach
Where we shared our first kiss
Under a shining sun
The crashing of waves as our soundtrack
You’ve brought me here
So that I could hear it playing again
Irresistible, I pull you towards me again
Once more
Like the surf falling from the seashore
This all seems inevitable
Your body still fitting into mine
Comfortable in my arms
Our lips and our tongues finally part ways
I look into your face
No longer seeing the woman you have become
The girl you once were
The girl I once found
The sweet princess
With a heart surrounded by barbed wire
A castle surrounded by landmines
You placed them there yourself
Part defense mechanism
Part masochism
Cynicism and sarcasm
I loved it all
I love to see you smile
You are mine again
Like you never left
The secret beach is playing our soundtrack
It keeps on skipping on this track
With sounds jarring

“Son, I never want to see you like this again.”
Again and again
In the past
My friends come up a hill
Something in their slow approach highly suggestive
Heavy with bad news
I know
You stand upon this beach
Asking for forgiveness
When you don’t have anything nice to say
You shouldn’t say anything at all
So, I am silent
Fuck you
Your smile, is beautiful
Vulnerable and open
My smile is there too
Full of hate
We have a history
You are comfortable in my arms
A girl I once found
A woman who would be mine
Part sadism
Part masochism
Cynicism and sarcasm
I once loved it all
As I love the beach
I will never love you again
Will never believe in secret beaches again
You are not a girl any longer
You are a woman
I am a man
Secrets are not kept
Others will walk this beach

David Romero

Photo by VC Ferry

© 2011

“it only takes a moment” by Vicki Batkin

there he was,
in my rear mirror
took my breath away.

he didn’t notice me,
he was following her.

weaving in and out of cars,
like a handsome braid
graceful, yet manly.
his glistening black hair
matching his Harley

sitting tall and statuesque-like,
he turned.
i could see my reflection
in his glasses,
where did i go?

he caught up.

he nodded.
she smiled.
i shrunk.

they can’t see
what lies ahead.
the lust,
the love,
the comfort,
the happiness,
the blows
the disappointment…

it was there,
in that moment
i saw it all,
i lived it all,
i had it all.

and now,
i’m invisible.

how could a lifetime
end up in a moment?

Vicki Batkin

L. K. Thayer’s Foto Fetish

© 2010