Charles Bukowski

“the American writer”

gone abroad
I sit under the tv lights
and am interviewed again
I am asked questions
I give answers
I make no attempt to be
to be truthful
I feel bored
and I almost never feel
“do you?…” they ask.
“oh, yeah, well I…”
“and what do you think of…”
“I don’t think of it much. I
don’t think too much…”
somehow it ends.

that evening somebody tells me
I’m on the news
we turn the set on.
there I am. I look pissed.
I wave people off.
I am bored.

how marvelous to be me without
it looks on tv
as if I knew exactly what I
was doing.

fooled them

Charles Bukowski

from Dangling In The Tournefortia – 1981

“WHO GIVES A SHIT!” by Vicki Batkin


Elizabeth Edwards looses her battle
“The Big C”
Cut to
Angelina and Brad
At the premiere of her new movie
She’s wearing a sweater dress
Cut to her thigh
Cut to Mark Wahlberg
Christian Bale
At the premiere
The Fighter
Cut to
Looking for elder care facilities
For my elderly parents
They boast
“Celebrity parents reside here”
“Who gives a shit?”
Says, my husband
Does anyone really care about Elizabeth Edwards?
Does anyone really care about the elderly, if they don’t have a famous child?
Does anyone care that I’ve had a headache for two days?
Does anyone care that I was three pounds thinner
Last week
I am
This week?
Does anyone care
That Obama
Will wave the Estate Tax
To gain
Political ground???
Three kids lost their mother today
Angelina and Brad
At her premiere

Vicki Batkin

L. K. Thayer’s Foto Fetish

© 2010