John Fugelsang now at FAKE GALLERY on Sat. 27th Melrose 8pm!!

Due to popular over-spillage John & guests will be at

Fake Gallery


4319 Melrose Avenue,between N Vermont & N Mariposa Avenues,

MidtownLos Angeles

Telephone 1-213 514 5345

Fake Gallery website

John Fugelsang

“A breath of fresh air…Imagine, a comedian who actually reads for his conversation points. Stunning” – Diane Werts, Newsday

“One of the single best comedy acts I have ever seen” – John Hoglund, Backstage

“A rapier wit…hip and hilarious.” – Wayman Wong, NY Daily News

special guest just added – miss suzanne whang

with a very special guest to be announced Friday…

John Fugelsang returns from NYC to present all you tan people with an evening of razor-sharp comedy, political satire, spoken-word performance & hip-hop poetry this Saturday Night in Hollywood. Special guests to be announced.

It’s a comedic/spoken word orgy of unspeakable brilliance and the best hip-hop poetry/standup/spoken word show you’ll see on a Saturday Night in Hollywood.

Cover is only 5 bucks; get there early to ensure your spot.

Performers Include…

Jim Ward

Mr. David Feldman

Kelly Carlin!

Chris Bonno

Richard Chassler


Eve Brandstein

Lisa (L.K.) Thayer

Ben Brandstein

and TV’s Frank, Frank Coniff.

additional guests to be announced, or not.

Last Weekend!! Jack Grapes & Cast in his play “Circle Of Will”

Photo by Alexis Rhrone Fancher

Jack Grape’s Shakespeare play, “Circle of Will” flat-out flabbergasted me!!” – Lisa Segal

CIRCLE OF WILL opens July 15th for previews and July 16th and 17th and
18th official opening for critics. Would love you to come that opening
weekend to whoop and hollar so the critics will write their review
with lots of whooping and hollaring. We run for 5 weeks with the last
show on August 15th.

National Public Radio called CIRCLE OF WILL “a spectacular
tour-de-force,” and the San Francisco Chronicle said it was “the
cleverest original work seen in a long time.”
We run for only 5 weeks, so hope you can see it.
You can make reservations at
or by phone

Written by Jack Grapes

Thursday, July 15 at 8 PM

Fri, Jul 16 – Sun, Aug 15
Thurs, Fri, Sat 8 PM
Sunday 7 PM

Show Calendar

$20 Preview
$30 Regular Performances
Thurs, Fri, Sat and Sun

Special Show Info
Running time: 90 minutes.

Macha Theatre

1107 No. Kings Road
West Hollywood, CA 90069
Parking Lot Parking
Area Map

See You there!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

“Dark Arms” by Margie Louise Goodspeed

What are you doing you complete and utter ass?
It was a comedy dressed up like a tragedy.
It was too slow, that was all.
All that metal on the outside of brick buildings—
Not good in earthquake country.

We passed the time bomb from kid to kid in
a circle on the front lawn.
It was a corner lot.
Good for cutting across. Brass.
Shout it until the strings take it
away. The red-haired child will
press the pedal of her bike and I will

If I had a rock the melody would
tingle under my
skin and how could I
ever predict that?
If in the deep of just below the surface
there is a way to be and the breath is
not important and the holding is
less important, then
floating with intent
I’ll wait out the tribal
cutting limbs of what
could be
away o
in the dark arms away
to there on a line of
sound played with
intent and care it is
nothing really to endure but
must be endured lest I be eaten and
there’s the meat of it
better to waddle in place and
be the thing I fear for then I know where
it is and there is no dark but the
dark that resides in me and if it’s there I can
hold it
at bay
and be full up when
more comes
from the outside.

Yet still,
this voice pierces
pitched to a perfect
southern baritone while
in the basement I’ll be
beside the projector, smoking.

Margie Louise Goodspeed

All Rights Reserved

© 2010