Dayna Leslie Hodges


Stitched Together

Sweeping up the broken glass
of my past
so I can walk
barefooted and bare hearted
without being bombarded
by left over shards
snagging my heart
and ripping apart
my mended wounds
stitched together
with gentle threads
some still fresh and healing.

Discarding this painful debris
with it’s still sharp edges
jagged from repetitive breakings
will soften the scars
that yet linger in my heart
and thus enable me
to move about more freely
without sudden piercing swipes
puncturing the tender flesh
of my sensitive heart.

© Dayna Leslie Hodges 2011

“truth telling” by dayna leslie hodges



She begins to speak and
her tremulous voice cracks
her words shaky, yet sincere
and full of truth.

Her voice submerged beneath audible
for far too many sorrows.

Her feelings found their way to words
now tumbling into the air
as they quiver past her lips
sharing her history
expressed by heart.

Her story unfurling
in disjointed fragments of
paragraphs and chapters;
her sentences in turn
poetic and pedantic
revealing the dramatic dance
in which she never quite found
her place in the rhythm
because the tune was not her own.

© Dayna Leslie Hodges 2012