“A Passion Play” by L. K. Thayer

we twirled and we danced

she led, I followed as best I could

as memories burst forth

from childhood

in the days that turned into mirrors

when life was full of innocence

of daisy chains & training bras

hopscotch & hula hoops

can we ever recall the steps

that have been

erased by worn out saddle shoes

can we embrace

how nothing mattered

& everyday

was a passion play

L. K. Thayer

Photo by VC Ferry

All Rights Reserved

© 2010

“Forgiveness” by L. K. Thayer

forgiveness is like a missing person
buried under the rubble, gasping for breath
forgiveness is the key that unlocks
the heavy barricade between life and death
weak or strong. It can open the weightiest
doors that block one from loving embraces
and outstretched hearts.

forgiveness is a cup of tea made with chamomile
and a smile, a reassuring touch of gentle caresses
and kisses upon your cheek.
forgiveness is a wooly sweater knit by the Gods
to wrap around your sins and cloak yourself
to sleep a thousand dreams

hoping just one will come true.

L. K. Thayer

Photo by VC Ferry

All Rights Reserved

© 2010

“In The Year Twenty Ten” Vicki Batkin

i will hear the sounds
of gentle rain.

i will breathe
in and out,
slowly enough
to hear
slow down.

i will embrace
my husband’s snoring,
as my new lullaby.

i will wear
a smile with promise.
my stride
will follow.

i will shut off the water
while brushing my teeth.
spit out less
look into the mirror more.

i will glide
across the room,
wearing three inch
black stilettos

i will live.
i will want.
i will change.
i will love.
i will laugh.
i will cry.
i will drink
and eat
i will dance.
i will gain 5
and loose 10.
i will be grateful
and un-grateful
i will stand
i will fall….

in the year Twenty Ten.

Vicki Batkin

Photo by Alexis Rhone Fancher

All Rights Reserved

© 2010

“Edge Of The World” by Jaymie Thorne

sitting on the edge of the world
watching winds capture curtain
i began trying clouds on for size
blowing by as borrowed distress
some looking as wild horses alit
dragging me with the stampede
to high clouds of icy desperation

on clear days forever bloomed
with hope of eternal existence
encircled by a nimbus of faith
cradled in arms of belief until
again a mustang would charge
leaving me to teeter and sway

i no longer pilfer heaven’s robe
gales blast then blow across me
no struggle has been harnessed
with repeating choice to remain
sitting on the edge of the world

Jaymie Thorne

All Rights Reserved

© 2010

“Needing Yellow” by L. K. Thayer

Photo by VC Ferry

Photo by VC Ferry

I hate when
I embrace blue
not a good color

on me
I’m never ready
for it’s shade

it’s gravity
tugs at my

eyes strapped
with black molasses
pancake make-up

needing yellow
for my transition

your thoughts
on the rinse cycle
and hang them out
to dry

it’s up from here
I hit bottom so long ago
and have fashioned
a cushion around


I’m no longer

I have

I dare myself
to accept



L. K. Thayer

All Rights Reserved

© 2009