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Susan Hayden creator of the new series “Library Girl”
Debuting in January at Elderberries 2011
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“Just Cause” by Eve Brandstein

Just cause,
I could write about international cataclysm
Iraq, Palestine, Pakistan,
Kashmir, India, Afghanistan,
Jerusalem, Gaza,  Phillipines, Sudan
Twin Towers, Al Queda,  Iran
Suicide bombers, holy war, decapitating a man
Just cause
The objective – to remove demon logic
From cataract view
Obliterate essential evil
Reflected in camouflaged eyes
Beneath burka, kaffia, red white& blue stripped tie
Crusade of lasers, missiles, patriots, tanks roll by
From front line, 24 hours live
I could write about another distant or urban war
I could write about the memory of last century
Only a decade old
I could write about the possibility of a total just cause.

But I choose to write about sex and cigarettes
Football and chicken
A man and a woman
Just cause
There is real mystery
In the way we eat
The way we listen to beauty
The way we take things into out bodies
The way we exhale the pleasure into someone else’s mouth
Round and wet and open
There’s little mystery to me in how
We kill each other
Lose out minds
Kill time

Listen to an Adagio stroke each stroke slow
Relax and feel each finger stroke each note
While fire burns someone else’s home
Heads decapitated, set on sticks held high
Beaten marginalized tortured defiled
Stations local to national report
Of international rape oil spill poison smoke
The drive by battlefield next door
Another just cause
Just another just cause
That challenges our humanity
Just cause “staying sane is amazing in an insane society”
Which is what Eric Fromm said
Sortta about the choice
We all have to make
On how we’re going to live

So I choose to write
About sex and cigarettes
Football and chicken
A man and a woman
Just cause
In all ways
Everything I want to know
Is in the mystery of these exchanges
And the ball is high
Outside there is a warm breeze
And the boats hardly shift
While I drift
Between the smooth water and the kitchen
Want to eat chicken
Go fishin’
Touch down and sleep
Your tongue
You’re warm breeze
Like the smell of home cooking
And there’s the call
And one pass is complete
Watching the smooth water
While smoke curls from your black tobacco
Textures the edge of your fingertips
Touching lip to lip
As the sun slips into the
Final minutes of the game
Rocking to your breath
Hot and heavy caress as you groan
Just cause
Just cause
Just cause
It is so easy to
Just cause.

Eve Brandstein
Los Angeles, Ca.
© March, 2010

Poetry In Motion @ Beyond Baroque Thurs. Nov. 11th


Foto by L. K. Thayer


Beyond Baroque – 681 Venie Blvd., Venice, Ca. 90291

Time:7:00PM Thursday, November 11th


“People came to hear poetry as if it were a rock concert. It was amazing! We were actually a success story. We even published a book The Hollywood Review… I’m about to start up another run of Poetry In Motion LA, this year at Beyond Baroque…”  Eve Brandstein

More than a reunion – a renaissance and with some new features. The first show of Poetry In Motion LA will be Nov. 11 – Reunion of the Vets with Michael Des Barres, Pamela Des Barres, Anne Beatts, Rick Overton, Ty Granderson Jones, Michael C. Ford, Susan Hayden., Meri Danquah, Yvonne De LaVega, Anthony Di Novi, Pam Ward, Ron Zimmerman, Michael O’Keefe, Jamie Rose, S.A. Griffin, Doug Knott, Eric Trules, Jen Lynch and featured spoken word and musical artist – David Zasloff After that it will be a monthly series every 3rd Thursday.

At Last: A Reunion of the Vets –

On Nov. 11, 2010 Beyond Baroque and Eve Brandstein presents “The Poetry In Motion Series” Beyond Baroque – 681 Venie Blvd., Venice, Ca. 90291

Time:7:00PM Thursday, November 11th $10 donation
Article by
(L. K. Thayer will be reading on Jan. 20th, 2011)
© 2010

“Waiting For Jack” Tonight! Sat. Oct. 16th Encore Performance


John Densmore producing play Waiting For Jack

  • September 24th, 2010 7:59 pm ET

It looks like Oct 16th is shaping up to be a date for poetic remembrances of literary hero’s. In Nashville on the 16th will be A Night to Remember Jim Morrison In Poetry, Film & Song. Now we have a John Densmore produced (along with Michael C Ford, Eve Brandstein, and Rex Weiner) play, Waiting for Jack.

Waiting For Jack is described as a rough recreation of the famous Gallery Six Reading in 1955 in which Allen Ginsberg first read Howl. The original reading wasn’t a staid polite poetry reading given to sipping tea, maybe smoking of tea*. It was a raucous affair with jugs of wine being passed around with Kerouac exhorting the poets from the audience much as a Jazz fan would encourage a solo.

In Waiting For Jack, John Densmore plays Gary Snyder, and along with the poetry Densmore plays the bongo’s. The play is the brainchild of Rex Weiner and Michael C. Ford and seeks not a literal reenactment of the Gallery Six reading or the poets that were there, but seeks the spirit of the night. The play recreates the raucous atmosphere of the original Gallery Six reading with off stage commentators adding punctuating remarks to the poetry in the form of heckling, flirting, bickering much like a Greek chorus or perhaps a beat “Our Town.”

The 90 minute play also features Eric Trules as Allen Ginsberg, Doug Knott as Charles Bukowski, Eve Brandstein as Diane DiPrima, and a whole host of others who on any given night of the performance may participate. Waiting For Jack has previously been performed in August of this year for a three night stand at The Short Stop Bar in Echo Park. You can see photos of the performance on their website. Producer Rex Weiner is hoping in the future to find the show a permanent residence so the show can be held regularly. Early next year they will take the show to college campuses around the country.

Waiting For Jack is a one night only affair Oct 16th, 2010 at 7 PM, $7.00 donation at the door. It will be presented at Tom Landau’s Studio 1520, 1520 2nd St., Santa Monica, CA, 90403.

*At the time tea was the euphemism for marijuana.

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Jim Cherry

Cast includes:

Stephen Kalinich (Jack Micheline), S.A. Griffin (Lawrence Ferlinghetti),

Lisa K. Thayer (Ann Waldman), Elkanah Burns (Frank O’Hara),

Theida Salazar (Bob Kaufman) Herbert T. Schmidt, Jr. (Kenneth Patchen),

Doug Knott (Charles Bukowski), Eve Brandstein (Diane DiPrima),

John Densmore (Gary Snyder), John DiFusco (Lew Welch),

Bill Duke (LeRoi Jones), Eric Trules (Allen Ginsberg)

and  Susan Hayden (Bobbie Louise Hawkins)

with special surprise guests… and your hosts, Michael C. Ford and Rex Weiner.

Last Night!! “Waiting For Jack” A Poetry Theater Event @ The Shortstop Bar

A Poetry Theater Event
Produced by and Eve Brandstein, Rex Weiner & Michael C Ford,
Presented by The Shortstop

•    WHAT: Prominent LA Poets reading the works of Beat Era Poets… an homage, an invocation of spirits, and a rousing night of live poetry presented by the legendary Shortstop Bar in Echo Park
•    WHEN: Aug 13, 14, and 15, 7:00 – 9:30 each night
•    WHO: produced by Eve Brandstein, Rex Weiner and  Michael C. Ford,
•    WHERE: The Shortstop, 1455 West Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90026
•   CONTACT: (213) 482-4942 (public)… (323) 997 2853 (press only)
•    HOW MUCH: $5 donation

In a loose re-creation of the historic 1955 Six Gallery poetry reading, and other readings of the Beat Era, a group of prominent LA poets read favorite poems by Beat icons. As they read, they take on the personae of the various poets, and a dramatic situation takes shape as two offstage commentators drink, goof, commiserate and conjure up the poet-readers from the audience, one after another: all the while awaiting the arrival of “Jack” (Kerouac), who is always late, and may not show up. Finally, Jack appears (or does he?) and brings the evening to an emotional climax.

The 90-minute piece is partly scripted, partly improvised, not unlike a jazz performance where musicians depart from the sheet music to do their own thing. Poets are invited to choose the poems they prefer to read. The cast changes from night to night. As the evening progresses, the reality of the present shifts back and forth to the past. The effect will be a shamanistic evocation of the Beat Era, an homage to its lost heroes, as well as an entertaining night of live poetry.

POETS (only 8 or 9 will be read each night)

Denise Levertov
Kenneth Rexroth
Charles Bukowski
Philomene Long
Diane DiPrima
Frank Lima
Kenneth Patchen
Barbara Guest
Ray Bremser
Ann Waldman
Jack Micheline
Laurence Ferlinghetti
Gregory Corso
Bob Kaufman
Lew Welch
John Thomas
Jack Kerouac
William Carlos Williams
Allen Ginsberg
Michael McClure
Gary Snyder
Philip Whalen
Brother Antoninus
Henry Miller
Philip Lamantia
LeRoi Jones/Amiri Baraka
Lenore Kandel
William S. Burroughs
Ted Joans


Herbert T. Schmidt, Jr., Sarah Maclay, Bill Duke,  L. K. Thayer, Stephen John Kalinich, S.A. Griffin, John Harris, Pegarty Long, Jerry Garcia, Gail Wronsky, Chuck Rosenthal,  Cyril O’Reilly, Michael C Ford, Eve Brandstein,  Rex Weiner