“The Hidden Picture” by Roz Levine

I hid my face like a turtle

Scrunching facial features
Deep into my collar bone
Turning my head from view
When daddy dropped me
At Queens College
When I scurried from his white truck
When I prayed no one I knew
No one who knew me
No one who could gossip
Rumor mills of my life
Would see the truth
How I arrived
At this university
Of higher learning
In a truck driven by my father.
Bye Sis, dad would say
Have a good day
You too, dad
I’d mumble
Too selfish and stupid
To get the facts, ma’am
That he had a back breaking
Ball busting day ahead of him
With ten hours of hard work
Lifting heavy packages
Loading boxes and goods
Driving in New York’s snarled traffic.
I was too young and unaware
To understand the concept of family
How a loving dad got up early
To drive me to school
How he’d arrive home
To have supper with us
Kiss my mom
Kiss me and my brother
Kiss us with his dirty hands
With his grease stained work clothes
Kiss us so we’d know
He’d be there for us
Dirty clothes
Dirty hands
Dirty truck
All of him
Would always be there
No matter what he drove
No matter what he carried in this life.

Roz Levine

L. K. Thayer’s Foto Fetish

© 2010