where 4 ART thou?


Snap by L.K. Thayer – “escape artist” – DTLA

“What Was Clean” by L. K. Thayer

and we get caught up

caught off guard

caught in the wild ride

losing our pride

and what we’ve worked hard

to gain only

to remain anonymous

nobody knows us

and we want to express

the fire we feel in our gut

to make an impression

to make a deal

not with the devil

but to rebel

against apathy and rust

misery and mistrust

turn misfortune into hope

so we don’t hang from

the rope of despair

wanting someone to care

to reach out

escape the day to day tear

repair what hasn’t decayed

and remember

what was clean

to begin with

L. K. Thayer’s Foto Fetish

© 2010

“Jejune Not Risque The Fire Escape” by Mitch Hicks

Quixotic bolted into hot pressed clay bricks
Such a labyrinth galvanized structure abode
Ungainly sombre feet that trundle gauze
Stark bellicose in allies decrepit
Errant are the nymphets oscillating clitoris
Yokel figures kooky sleeping below
Peeling rust like my osteoporosis bones
Vertex shapes mingle with factitious fascia
Handrails steps and ladders coalesce
Jejune not risque
From top to bottom an Odyssey from exit
Unlikely finding a medlar blown by a zephyr breeze
Promiscuous escapes with much adieu
© 2010