“Forgiveness” by L. K. Thayer

forgiveness is like a missing person
buried under the rubble, gasping for breath
forgiveness is the key that unlocks
the heavy barricade between life and death
weak or strong. It can open the weightiest
doors that block one from loving embraces
and outstretched hearts.

forgiveness is a cup of tea made with chamomile
and a smile, a reassuring touch of gentle caresses
and kisses upon your cheek.
forgiveness is a wooly sweater knit by the Gods
to wrap around your sins and cloak yourself
to sleep a thousand dreams

hoping just one will come true.

L. K. Thayer

Photo by VC Ferry

All Rights Reserved

© 2010

“IN CONCERT” by Alexis Rhone Fancher

the couple sitting in front of us
got up abruptly, moved down an entire
row to vacant seats.
die-hard Madeline Peyroux fans, he said.
why? was I loud?
you were an asshole.
yeah, you kept talking, and hooped and
hollered after every song.
I love her. I’m enthusiastic, I said.
you were an asshole, he insisted.
yeah? well, you shouldn’t have given me that
4th vodka rocks, I said.
I don’t remember pouring it down your
you twisted my arm.
maybe. but you were the asshole.
did I embarrass you?
no. I’m with you, baby.
for what?
for loving me when I’m
an asshole.
de rien, cherie, he said.
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© 2010

“Dear Vessel,” by L. K. Thayer

Photo by Alexis Fancher

Photo by Alexis Fancher

dear vessel,

oh wondrous container
one who contained me
when I could not contain

forgive my assault
my senseless ruination
I, in my inner selfish madness
abused you

I was your enemy, devouring
my emotional wasteland
you have always forgiven
my attack of your fortress
you have been kind
and supple and patient

I see how I have worn you
gravity prevailing
it is a tug of war

I want to be your friend
I want to make amends
to cleanse

my divine palace
keeper of my soul
house of blood and breath

till death do us part

L. K. Thayer

All Rights Reserved

© 2009