“On A New Year” by Roz Levine


In the dark of morning
On this final day
Of the year 2010
She sat before her computer
Huddled in a winter robe
Heard the call
To sprinkle wisdom
From her salt shaker
She had to shout out
To one and all
To everyone she loved
Her family
Her friends
Her writing buddies
To keep their eyes
On open wide
To look and look and look
For the rose
Poking through
Cold cement
For the hummingbird
Racing across a blink
For the butterfly
Kissing sweet petunias
For the giggle and wiggle
Of the sugar toddler
Flying high and mighty
At the corner playground
She wrote over and over
Look and look and look
Again and again
Find every crumb of joy
Suck it in
Suck it up
Suck it to overflow
Chew it
Chomp it
Cherish it
Roll out the red carpet
On this first morning
Of the second decade
Of the 21st century
For this gift of your life

Roz Levine

Image by Craig Stevens

© 2010

Happy “Muse” Year from The Juice Bar!!


We love you, artists, writers, shutter bugs, jitter bugs, mugs, thugs, socialites, loners, moaners,

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