“My Lost World: By the Rivers of Babylon” by Angela Cohan


I’m tired of hearing it.  I’m tired of being reminded everyday.  I’m so tired

of being and classified.  Most of all, I’m tired and fed up with ignorance and


You know what I mean?  Do you get me man?  I’ve been banging my head

against the wall for the past thirty years and I’m still the ugly ducking.  Can

you dig?

I’m so confused.  I was even more confused when our rabbi said that there

are fundamental differences between the Persians and the “whites.”

The who?  The what?  Did he say white?  I had to ask my friends.  I’m still

dazed and confused.  I didn’t know that I was a different color than my

friends who were born here.

I feel like I’ve lost my identity.  I feel like I’ve lost my home—my center.  I

feel like that I’ll never be able to visit my birthplace.  I feel lost.  But most of

all I feel unwanted.

Like the time when I was shopping in Westwood for new year cards.  The

blond, green-eyed clerk was badmouthing her Jewish clients in the brightly

lit store in front of other customers.  She then looked at my credit card and

exclaimed in a surprised voice:  “Cohen, you’re a Cohen—you’re Jewish?

You don’t look Jewish.”  I could only look in her green catty eyes and say

“yes”, vowing never to shop there again.

I’m the typical wondering Jew who is desperately trying to belong.  One

who is searching for meaning, serenity and peace.  I’m striving to give my

kids the promise of brighter future in the land of the free and the home of the

brave.  I’m trying to educate people that bigotry and intolerance have no

place in the modern society.

My heart broke on a warm sunny day while vacationing with my family in

Dubai as I stood by the waters of the Persian Gulf.  The captain of the small

passenger boat told me that he could take us to southern Iran—it would take

twenty minutes.  My heart was aching to go back home even if just for a few

hours, but my American children were terrified.  I don’t blame them.  I knew

it would be taking a risk to step on the soil of an extremist Islamic country

without wearing the veil or the chador with a Jewish last name like Cohan.

So I just stood there on the dock and I cried silent tears for my lost world.

Angela Cohan

© 2010

“Paramour” by Jaymie Thorne

Clara Bow

she cloaked herself in scarlet
darker than a blush on cheek
left his scent on empty heart
drifting to a shadowed street
not looking for salvation, but
respite from the lonely storm
they bellowed loud as thunder
claimed they’d no other harm
his promise was always empty
to others’ lives he did belong
wept herself to sleep at night
dreamt lovers wielding stones

Jaymie Thorne

All Rights Reserved

© 2010

“The Hallway” by Adesh Kaur

Adesh Kaur

The dead father and a howling daughter.
De, de, deny thy father and… you’ll
no longer be….
–JoJo, let the poets cry themselves
to sleep! Aye, fly away home, captain.
De part dearly.

Hey, pumpkin head, how ‘boot that?
It’s cold & dark. A frozen lake.
Bundle up.
Mittens still warmish & cocoa
I will make for thee before
you wake.

You were the hallway narrowing its heart.
You were a bedroom hitchhiking a plan.
You were one revolver who loved you back.
You were a mouth open to the refrains.
You were the trigger-man with no slack.
You were the bullet wanting to part.
I, am your splattered brains.

Adesh Kaur

All Rights Reserved

© 2009

“Borrowed & Blue” by L. K. Thayer (lyrics)

L. K. Thayer & Brian BecVar

Wiped the tears from my face
When I saw you walkin’ down the aisle
Sensed it would happen but thought
At least not for awhile
When you smiled at me I swear my heart
Was gonna break in two
Now I feel like something borrowed
And I’m feelin’ like something blue

Blue like the moon, blue like your eyes
How much in love you were, I didn’t realize
Now I feel like something borrowed
And I’m feelin’ like something blue

You only borrowed my love, when I gave it to you to hold onto
I wanna hold onto you now but nothin’s left except my love
And it’s true, I’m feelin’

Blue like the moon, blue like your eyes
How much in love you were, I didn’t realize
Now I feel like something borrowed
And I’m feelin’ like something blue

Words by L. K. Thayer

Music by Brian BecVar

All Rights Reserved

© 2009

“Thief Underneath” by L. K. Thayer

Photo by VC Ferry

I didn’t know
under the spit
polish and the
starched collars
the fancy footwork
and long hours
the morning glories
and midnight rendezvous
that he was a


I didn’t know
through the passion
and the high brow fashion
the cash and the carry
that I should be wary
of all the disguises
of someone behind

a hidden agenda

that played with my mind

I didn’t know
he was a thief

all the mesmerizing
and cannibalizing
devouring not showering
showering me with
hot kisses and pale


of togetherness
and bliss
of tenderness
and this
is what I find

a thief

a crime of passion
so strong
gave him my rights
and my wrongs
gave him my ins and my outs
my fears and my doubts
I uncovered a lover
against my beliefs
fell to my knees
and had to release

gave him the beat

of my heart

that finally tore us apart

didn’t know

he was a thief


L. K. Thayer

All Rights Reserved

© 2009