Alicia Young


she is beautiful
a waitress has the power
to break your heart
with her kindness

this morning
there is an 80-year-old
bringing me coffee
with the same
watch yourself it’s hot care
a grandmother would

one of her legs is longer than the other
she has a special lifted shoe
and walks with a limp

i see lines deepen around her eyes
with every step
she is in pain

she has sons who don’t call

she makes me want to sit her down
and wait on her
ask her lilting southern voice
where she was
when we killed martin and each kennedy

after my bagel disappeared
i left her a twenty on the table
though i can’t afford to
pondering that no one deserves this at age 80

the word expatriate
forms a bitter lump in my throat

settling up at the cashier stand
i tell the flippant manager
with the microphone
strapped all dip-shitted to his head
of the excellent service i received

she comes from the back as fast as her
feet are willing waving the currency
saying urgently

did you mean to leave this?

my mouth responds through a smile

if i could
it would be a thousand more

she is beautiful
when she’s speechless

© aayoung2013

Her book “Hell On Heels…”

Alicia Young


given enough bourbon and a decent suit
i could hurt myself with you
given enough bourbon
and a decent suit city lights
drawing down the moon
on a properly placed back in time
saturday night if you didn’t remind so damned much
of my first husbandback then i could claim being 16
a ran away to the real world too soon
starry eyed twat
with straight A’s
and no street smarts
unable to discern the difference
between a pedophile and a suitori’m a daily communicant with that mistake

no, baby, lesson learned
you’re a used car lot wearing armani shoes
a lizard brain
in a gold chain
forked tongue slipping past
your greasy lips
you smell like turpentine
and unpaid child support

(C)aayoung | January 4, 2014

Alicia Young


FB Musings… 

“Awoke to blue cotton candy fog spun into the tops of the Autumn leaves. Spiders hung dewy bunting between the trees and the eves of the house all around the perimeter of the property. It looks like Gomez and Morticia are decorating for a wedding. My coffee has vanilla, cayenne, and heavy cream. Chandler is reading Bukowski. Gabriel is working a 3D crystal skull puzzle. Vinnie Pupparino removed all the stuffing from his pink daisy pig. The cats are looking at him like he’s an asshole. There is breakfast and the rest of my life to be considered. There is no angry man sulking in the kitchen. No time clock to punch. When I look back in 30 years at this moment, I’ll remember it as pure happiness.”

– Alicia Young

alicia young


i have no time for what never was”

as writers

it is our job
to document the times
in which we live

i have no time
for what never was

there is no poetry in what might have been

bones grow from the center outward
and mine have existed long enough
to ache with all they know
to include
what should be
long forgotten

we live out the choices we make

so few of us retain the right
to label ourselves victim
yet it seems everyone is wearing that t-shirt

these baby boomers
are cashing in their pensions
timothy leary bleary eyed
having deliberately
learned nothing

© aayoung 2013