“I Dither No More” by Jacquelyn Gail

Out with the old,

In with the what?

A redo, a make over, a clean slate.

Wipe it

Trash it

Delete 2010 to our memory banks

For those of us who can still remember.


Remember when my world was crashing in,

smaller,  tangled, and so far away.

Where I was blotted out of my own picture frame.

A gaping whole remained where I use to reside.

A ghost in my own play,

where friends swirled around me

and family walked by me,

and the pain and the  confusion

was sinking me amidst

glistened uncertaintude and

pitiful doubt.

Good bye 2010,

You didilled while I dithered.

Now I have a second shot,

A miracle gift

A rainbow slide

Lift the veil

Ride the light

to wonder.

Savor moments of 2010

hug a bugs from grown children

ecstasies  in the night

wise words sailing through me

shared in a never-land of friendship.

Each day I shall romp

in the riches of my days,

by the hearth with a good book,

in the rain hearing the rhythm of  each drop

soaking in the sun and feeling its strength.

Arm in arm with Ralph,

giggling with Ilana

laughing with Shaun

listening with friends to the

wind against our cheeks

and the wisdom resonating in our marrow.

I shall set out like

Marco Polo to find

the art of my life.

Welcome 2011.

So begins a new page.

Jacquelyn Gail

Foto by L.K. Thayer

© 2011

“Unbridled Fear Of Nothing” by Jacquelyn Gail

How many ways
can betrayal hiss into my dreams.
Unbridled fear sits
on the throne of my heart.

Where strength once resided,
the Olympian ruins
of the fleeting gods remain.
Jealousy, panic, rage, vengence,
demand their due.
Fear was caught
in the labyrinth
of my own undoing.
I cement into time.
Intimidation slapping me down
while I skip along the edge of the moon
oblivious to fear’s razor sharp blade
jabbing every which way
indifferent to my pooling blood.

My stomach unravels to the
drip of my own blood.
Pulling on my intestinal ropes
for salvation.
I smack into myself,
again, and again, and again,
while fear burrows deeper still,
a guerilla warrior.

A hit and run, each time.
I petrify into wood
a fossil for viewing
prey for taking
nothing more and nothing less
and nothing of who I am
or want to be.

Jacquelyn Gail

Photo by VC Ferry

© 2010