“Soul Kiss” by L. K. Thayer

My soul is starving for a smidgen of genius, a morsel of magic, a hint of happy dancing huka smoking harlequins. I want to belly dance on the moon, sipping geranium bourbon. I want to hide from everyone so I can be found out. I want to be the one who’s holding. I just want to get a grip and hold on for dear life, I wanna catch re-runs of ‘Gun Smoke’ and ‘Get Smart’ and ‘Gidget’. I wanna chew chicklets and chase chickens who lay golden eggs. I’ve lost my direction, I know where I wanna go, but I’m in the middle of a cul-de-sac and can’t make a U-turn cause I’m stuck in reverse. I’m in a groove but it’s not groovy enough. I want a deeper groove. A soul kiss from Bozo the clown, I wanna be one of the Marx Brothers and toot my horn, crack jokes and live in innuendo crescendo. I want it to be, where you could have three martini lunches and it was cool to smoke cigarettes, because you felt like a movie star. Lights, camera, action! I want ‘Ozzie and Harriet’ to be my Mom and Dad. I want a ‘Father Who Knows Best’. I wanna fly like the ‘Flying Nun’ but without the habit. I wanna lose my bad habits and find new addictions. I wanna get a buzz without having to get high. I wanna quit my day job so I can start making a living. I want more bang for my buck. I want credit where credit is due. I wanna be a Solid Gold Dancer with ruby tap shoes, so I can tap into something that means more than anything. I want to be Dorothy singing ‘Somewhere Over The Rainbow’. Because I know it’s in me. I know that’s where I’ll find it. Know, that you are the pot of gold at the end of your rainbow. So let it rain sistah… and don’t be afraid of getting wet!

L. K. Thayer’s Foto Fetish

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© 2009

“Lover’s Knot” by L. K. Thayer


rapturous shutter bug
whisk me out of the maddening sewage
of my broken promised dream
the one with the dark horse who
rode me into the ground at full force
and galloped off with my heart as bounty.

let me sing in your rhymes and tumble
into the melancholy laughter to and fro
with risk and folly, throwing caution to
the naked sea lions, let the waves of lust
fill our loins with a chorus of trumpeting
angels, beating our breasts with passions purpose.

we will sail on the winds whisper and braid
natures ecstasy through the bond that
ties our lovers knot. I long for the seconds
when our connection explodes like an electrical
storm ransacking a field of pansies and poppies
ready to be picked and woven into spring.

the light around your aura travels across the pond
wanting to drown me with pleasure and nourish
my hunger like a mother’s breast upon a cherub’s
lips. I cease to breathe at the thought of you
dying before me, for I would risk my own life
and follow you across eternity for one last kiss.

he who makes me laugh shall have
my last laugh.

L. K. Thayer

All Rights Reserved

© 2010