Dear Charles by Apryl Skies

Dear Charles,

I wonder if I went back in time

to rewrite history all in rhyme

might we have met in a salacious bar

and made dirty love beneath the stars?

Waking up wrapped in hotel linen

tasting lips still stained with gin

I ponder how my name might sound

from your tongue with words profound

Would I become a tawdry poem,

your desire, an insatiable, cursed omen,

master, beast, A Dog From Hell

seductions of some wicked spell?

Don’t leave me yet, I have not said

all I wish to proclaim before bed

take these words and eat them,

like the fabric beneath my ruffled hem~

April Skies

(Read Apryl’s fabulous article on L.K. Thayer

in the LA Examiner!)

© 2012