Madness Deepens

“It Is Not Over Yet”

Today was a day when rain poured against shattered hearts

Breaking pieces like a drumroll, sinking droplets upon surrender

Thickening air against chest conpressions, loss of breath

Gasping for relief from this winding road, where footprints are lost


Gathering the strength to be strong for the battle

Yet tears flood palms, black stained cheeks of sorrow

Screams fill the mind of weakened prosperity

This load to carry, being pulled down by gravity


Now that the storm has passed, I look up

As night pushes up the day, I will take you by the hand

I will hold with all I have, here where we stand

I will not let you die, and be left there


Where God knows where…..


If I could, I would, wish it be me

To take it all away, to take this pain

Give it to my body – oh Lord – hear my plea

I will sacrifice myself for her to be free….


Burden of shifting cells, ripping away the soul

Making the thoughts become uncertain

Shaken, taken, and left out to dry

Just don’t close the curtain


Red velvet strands, dripping from incision

Tubes of filtered forgiveness, clotting memories

The great depression, lies upon whispering winds

The storm is here, pouring out clouds of confusion


There will come a time,

When the storm brings it’s rainbow

Across your heart,

Bringing sunshine, from above


On my knees, without a word from silent lips

But a loud scream, against my soul

Tears falling upon the floor, puddling

Then I saw you, there, a shining light


Sigh no more, mother, cry not a tear

For God is there to make your dreams better than hopes

He has his arms around you, tightly

Sigh no more, mother, he will help you cope…


– Madness Deepens

© 2013

“My Lemon Tree” by Vicki Batkin

My lemon tree has grown
Six are now oval
Perfect shades of green

I open my front door
Every time
A glorious smell
Wide-spreading branches
Allow my lemons to grow

It is bearing fruit
Rich fruit
Ripe fruit
Tart fruit
Succulent fruit

I can’t wait
To wrap my hands
Around their thick skin
Smell the fragrant oils
Squeeze out juices
From my light yellow

And, reload my fuckin’ life

Vicki Batkin

© 2011

“Leading Lady” by L. K. Thayer

It’s like I’ve been using paint thinner, like life is too thick on the
canvas so I have to thin it out so it’s not so loud and bumpy. I
wrestle with the color palette, infra red for super sonic visual
orgasms of mayhem and moonshine. Someone cut the mustard,
I need that deviled egg paprika thing. I spent years in dark theatres,
no wonder I have a hard time with reality, the pretending is so much
richer, safer, freeze dried…like ice cubes in an ice tray, I belonged
somewhere and had to know my entrance and exit. Yes it was the fast lane,
the someone discover me lane, hoping someone would trip over me in
traffic school or notice me as I took their drink order hoping they left me
a big tip. Back to the theatre… it was so nice living someone else’s life,
having some else’s dialogue, acting out someone else’s drama and being
able to drop it at the door. My own life is another story, I’m the leading lady
trying to learn my blocking, remember direction, remember my lines, that’s
really it. That’s what it all comes down to, what’s your motivation,
make sure they hear you in the back row, and remember to stay in your light.

Photo & Poem by L. K. Thayer

© 2011

“pre-coffee self absorbed Sunday morning private pre-poem mind ramblings” by Sam Spade


Time, Where did it go?

I sit here

Wondering on God’s thumbnail

My place in the whole scheme of things

Did I make the right decisions?

If time is infinite

Then I should meet myself

Back where I started

On that infinite bow tie loop,

If I made the right decisions?

If I made the right decisions

Would I be looking at myself now

Across God’s thumbnail

Thirty degrees to the left

My other self

thirty degrees to the right.

Should I have not merged with myself by now

On God’s thumbnail.

Or did I make all the right decisions

And just don’t comprehend.

Across a chasm of lost time.

Do I jump

Risking eternal damnation

In a loop of lost time.

Or am I in hell on the infinite loop time

Self absorbed

Separated from myself

By myself

Thirty degrees to the left

I jump

Reunited with myself

Happy, joyous, and free

On the infinite bowtie loop of lost time


God’s Thumbnail.

Sam Spade

L. K. Thayer’s Foto Fetish

© 2010

“The Fierce In-Urgency Of Now” by Mark McNease

Once upon a campaign
a future president convinced us
the now is fierce and urgent.
I have discovered his error.

Now is not urgent.
Now is a flower in a moment,
a bee on its petal. Now is a rock
washed over by a stream.
Now is one hand held in another.
Now is a breath taken. Now is a sigh.

Now is death, passing life on its way out.
The most revolutionary thing
we can do is slow down.
The only thing urgent is to
pay attention. The only thing fierce
is to know you are alive.

Mark McNease

Photograph by L. K. Thayer

© 2010