“She Left A Burial Note” by Roz Levine

With cardinal colored nails
She tip tapped her burial note
How she wanted to go out just fine
Frothed in finery fit for a female
Of the sex and twist persuasion
How her hair had to be colored
With number 5G
No more
No less
30 minutes of color
She clicked out that note
How her lips needed Max Oom pah pah
And her eyes, the shadow of purple
Tinged with lilac below the brow line
Don’t forget to tweeze those stray hairs
Please, please, please
She wanted the polka dot g string panties
Under her Spanx hold ins
Beneath the purple passion velvet suit
Over the flesh
That would never more rise
With mother of god orgasms
And don’t forget the wonder bra
The one in flame the world red
It had to hold jiggle free boobs
In the tight oak coffin for eternity.
For Christ’s sake
If they find these remnants
In a hundred years
In five hundred years
In the next millennium
They’d feast their eyes
On some kind of a woman
Who roared to the end
Took the wild with her
To her final earth home.

Roz Levine

L. K. Thayer’s Foto Fetish

© 2010