The Juice Bar is on Summer Hiatus!


Thank you all for your devotion & juicy contributions!

L.K. Thayer is in a play called “O’Neill’s Ghosts”

Rehearsals start today for a September 5th opening!

(See previous post for info)

Too much is happening for me to split my focus

so I bid you a sensous summer and see you

this Fall!!  xoxo

– L.K. Thayer

“O’Neill’s Ghosts” Play at The Odyssey Theatre – Opens Sept. 5th


September 5th – 8PM (Limited Engagement)

Performances: Thurs.- Sat. 8PM – Sun. 2PM

The Odyssey Theatre

O’Neill’s Ghosts, written by award-winning playwright Jovanka Bach, is told from the tormented perspective of Eugene O’Neill as he struggles with his latest writing while being haunted by the ghosts of his alcoholic-suicidal son, Bud; his career-plagued father, James; his dope-fiend mother, Ella; and debauched older brother Jamie. O’Neill suffers pangs of conscience while ravaging his family’s troubled history as plot fodder for his many plays, but it doesn’t stop him from pushing the pen.

The drama is set in 1912, in a coastal Connecticut home. As O’Neill arduously tries to concentrate on his latest work, he is haunted by the years of paternal neglect toward his eldest son, Eugene O’Neill Jr. (Bud). This relationship is reminiscent of the interactions with his own father James, mother Ella and brother Jamie. In the meanwhile, his long-suffering but dutiful wife, Carlotta struggles to uphold his privacy. The interruptions include a series of frantic calls from the family attorney concerning Eugene’s and Carlotta’s overwrought concern for their ailing dog. From her own perspective, the family’s surly Irish maid, Maude, grows even more disgusted as she tries to make sense of the family’s dysfunction.

Sadly neither O’Neill’s father, his mother, nor his brother can impress upon him enough to change the way he interacts with his own son, Bud. The more he tries to impress his father, the more Bud’s spirit deteriorates as it becomes evident that his father will never take the time from his calling to accept him into his world. And, just as O’Neill seems to have an epiphany, it is all too late as Bud takes his own life. But, the show must go on as they say, and O’Neill continues to bury himself in his work.

Featured as Eugene O’Neill is John DiFusco, with a supporting cast of Dana Kelly, Michael Vaccaro, Lisa Thayer, Penny Orloff, Tom Groenwald and Tanya Starcevich.

The production is designed by Jaret Sacrey, with lighting and sound by Kent Inasy and stage management by Joe Morrissey. Poster designs by Lara Starcevich.

Wanda Coleman – R.I.P.

th th-1

In That

Other Fantasy





by Wanda Coleman

we were never caught

we partied the southwest, smoked it from L.A. to El Dorado 
worked odd jobs between delusions of escape
drunk on the admonitions of parents, parsons & professors 
driving faster than the road or law allowed. 
our high-pitched laughter was young, heartless & disrespected 
authority. we could be heard for miles in the night

the Grand Canyon of a new manhood. 
womanhood discovered
like the first sighting of Mount Wilson

we rebelled against the southwestern wind 

we got so naturally ripped, we sprouted wings, 
crashed parties on the moon, and howled at the earth 

we lived off love. It was all we had to eat

when you split you took all the wisdom
and left me the worry

Rich Ferguson


“Last night the moon was a sun-bleached cowskull.

Clouds moved across the night like sandstorm.

Stars howled.

The hours slithered by,

dug their poisonous fangs into me.

My body slipped off into fevered dreams,

then mirage.

Sometimes sleep is an unforgiving desert.”

– Rich Ferguson

(Los Angeles, Poet)

© 2013

“curduroy god” by Peter J. Harris


transcendent prisoner of 7th Day exaltations   ferocious lamentations
circular interpretations promising caramel eternity    blushing above marble clouds at divine slide from liquid collaborator to Implacable Father
demanding champagne & stoic at our sacrifice  wailing  prayer
listen blind baby brother   dance fool   speak  laugh  change
once magic carmelizes

we are haunted forever

Photo & Poem by

Peter J. Harris



“A Gathering Of Friends” @ Cafe de Solar – Wed. Sept. 12th 7:30 PM Tonight!

Tracy McCormick and Levy Lee Simon present



Lisa K. Thayer/Poet, Todd Garner/Singer, Johnny Cervolo/Singer, Special Guest Maria del Carmen/Poet, Carla Collins/Comedienne, Rob Larkin/Singer, John Marshall Jones/Actor, Durga McBroom Hudson/Singer, Joseph Eid/Singer, Dyan Kane/Actress, The Cast of KBP Theater Group’s “The Last Five Years”, Robbie Mangiardi/Singer, Jeff Labeouf/Poet, Anna Robles, Neon West and  singer Roberta Freeman!!

Come and join us at the hippest Cafe in LA, Cafe de Solar.

Grab some cool drinks and something to eat while listening the words and sounds of some incredible artists.

Wednesday, September 12th 7:30PM – 11PM.


1847 N. Cahuenga Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90028.

No charge. Just an amazing gathering of friends that includes YOU!!!!!

Photo by L. K. Thayer

Writer’s Row @The Last Bookstore, Oct. 12th (featuring L.K. Thayer)

To celebrate the month of October in all the trim, your hostess has decided to dub this session of

Writers’ Row, “Magnificent Macabre!”

Join us for a decadent night of ghastly groans and ghoulish grunts that form sounds;

these sounds are called words! This is The Written Art Showcase, after all!

This is a particular call for darker work to showcase.
Share stories, poetry, non fiction, all forms of the written art.

L.K. Thayer, Poet and Editor of The Juice Bar!

– Raw Bits by Jessica Wilson

– Works of Poe & more!

RSVP for Open Mic:

Open Mic: 5 minutes or 2 pieces.This will not be any ordinary night.
Refreshments and Treats provided by Los Angeles Poet SocietyGreat books, tunes, networking to be had.

453 S. Spring St. (across from Alexandria Hotel at 5th and Spring St)
Los Angeles, CA

7:30 pm

Photo by L. K. Thayer

“Wet Dreams” by L. K. Thayer

when it rains in LA
all the honesty creeps up
it stares you dead in the face
it can’t hide in the blow out
of sunlight
it can’t hide behind
sunglasses or tinted windows
it can’t hide or duck
the on coming blows
the hangover from the night before
has you in a vice
and it squeezes the truth
from the marrow of your pores
and you ask yourself
why am I hear
you feel like damaged goods
like the bruised peaches and pears
you find at the farmers market
bruised by rejection
from everybody but your dog
and your manicurist
and you go to her just to be touched
as she massages your
hands and shoulders
like you wish a lover would
and the rain comes down
on your rotting dreams
washing away all the nonsense
until the sun comes out
and everything looks
like you can believe in it again
like the lies you tell yourself
about how young you look
and you turn around
and next thing you know
you’re having another birthday
and thinking as you blow out the candles
I wish life was piece of cake

L. K. Thayer

(from my new book “whores don’t kiss” coming soon!)

© 2011