“hidden potential” by L. K. Thayer




the push and the pull

light leading us into shadows

love playing tricks on the wall

dancing between beams of lust

and promises of future


we lift our hearts

exchange glances in the dark

express nectar of sweet juices

in our divine musty caverns

exploring each other’s privacies

and hidden potential

we dream of feral encounters

of erotic proportions

tending our fantasies

and trust

that we may

come together as one


L. K. Thayer

Thayer’s Foto Fetish

© 2011


“His Mermaid Dame” by L. K. Thayer

surrender inhibitions to the wind
my enigmatic lover coos
melting sealing wax on envelopes
what does one have to lose

a petal pusher of fine silk
quilting threads once quite bare
a blushing grape, a winery
squeezing all my wicked wares

he’s my tailor and my sailor
my ship and anchor too
I’ll set sail at once upon the sea
his mermaid dame to woo

a passion play of trickery
plunging into deep desires
bathing luxury of wryest wit
and red hot molten fires

be gone the dowdiness of blue
a shade I no longer care to wear
a citrus orange or tangerine
perhaps they’ll stop and stare

my reflection is a shining star
jumping off the pearly moon
gliding across the milky way
whistling a snappy tune

no longer in a sea of glib
a rainbow coat I’ll knit
if I can be your ever last
and you can be my grit

for lovers on a ship set sail
in passions murky waters
we’ll be on course for ever more
creating sons and daughters

L. K. Thayer’s Foto Fetish

© 2010

“it only takes a moment” by Vicki Batkin

there he was,
in my rear mirror
took my breath away.

he didn’t notice me,
he was following her.

weaving in and out of cars,
like a handsome braid
graceful, yet manly.
his glistening black hair
matching his Harley

sitting tall and statuesque-like,
he turned.
i could see my reflection
in his glasses,
where did i go?

he caught up.

he nodded.
she smiled.
i shrunk.

they can’t see
what lies ahead.
the lust,
the love,
the comfort,
the happiness,
the blows
the disappointment…

it was there,
in that moment
i saw it all,
i lived it all,
i had it all.

and now,
i’m invisible.

how could a lifetime
end up in a moment?

Vicki Batkin

L. K. Thayer’s Foto Fetish

© 2010

“Jejune Not Risque The Fire Escape” by Mitch Hicks

Quixotic bolted into hot pressed clay bricks
Such a labyrinth galvanized structure abode
Ungainly sombre feet that trundle gauze
Stark bellicose in allies decrepit
Errant are the nymphets oscillating clitoris
Yokel figures kooky sleeping below
Peeling rust like my osteoporosis bones
Vertex shapes mingle with factitious fascia
Handrails steps and ladders coalesce
Jejune not risque
From top to bottom an Odyssey from exit
Unlikely finding a medlar blown by a zephyr breeze
Promiscuous escapes with much adieu
© 2010

“The Unfinished Line” by L. K. Thayer

Melancholy sand in the sleep eye of dawn,
restless wanderings in my mind as I envision thee
lying across my pillow, a tussle of grey hair against
your arms crossed.

Star crossed lovers catching not but one glimpse
except what lies upon the page. My thoughts churn
up magical rendezvous of bread and wine, of me
in white frills being taken at full force under the elms.

When will the missing puzzle be complete
When will my heart skip
When will we meet at last under a starry moon
embrace the flames of love that only time

can extinguish.

I ache for your lips upon my neck, sending shivers down
my legs, I take your salty flesh, tasting waves of your pleasure.
One call, one syllable, one murmur of your existence

knowing you are flesh and blood,
meeting my flesh and blood,

surging pulses race

the unfinished line.

L. K. Thayer

All Rights Reserved

© 2010

“Lover’s Knot” by L. K. Thayer


rapturous shutter bug
whisk me out of the maddening sewage
of my broken promised dream
the one with the dark horse who
rode me into the ground at full force
and galloped off with my heart as bounty.

let me sing in your rhymes and tumble
into the melancholy laughter to and fro
with risk and folly, throwing caution to
the naked sea lions, let the waves of lust
fill our loins with a chorus of trumpeting
angels, beating our breasts with passions purpose.

we will sail on the winds whisper and braid
natures ecstasy through the bond that
ties our lovers knot. I long for the seconds
when our connection explodes like an electrical
storm ransacking a field of pansies and poppies
ready to be picked and woven into spring.

the light around your aura travels across the pond
wanting to drown me with pleasure and nourish
my hunger like a mother’s breast upon a cherub’s
lips. I cease to breathe at the thought of you
dying before me, for I would risk my own life
and follow you across eternity for one last kiss.

he who makes me laugh shall have
my last laugh.

L. K. Thayer

All Rights Reserved

© 2010

“Yellow Jug” by Mitch Hicks

They said the flower maiden lives in a jug
Who do they take me for a mug
Touch me came a voice so mellow
I’m not that keen on yellow
Oh but you have my lust at your feet
Stirring loins now burning on heat
Rub me rub me the yellow jug said

Oh god I’m standing here going red
Let me grant you a wish and show I’m for real
Now I’m writing this in a cell awaiting my appeal

Mitch “Lordy” Hicks – U.K.

All Rights Reserved

© 2010

“Love Is A Bad Rhyme” by L. K. Thayer

is on the ground
and I’m walking over it
side stepping it

kicking it to the curb

I don’t wanna fall
thu the cracks
or twist my
panties in a bunch

is on the ground
and that’s where
it needs to stay
under foot
underground in the
tunnel of no return

picks up a hitchhiker
and takes her for a ride
she gets out
lost, turned around
mistaken lust

a bad rhyme,

she shakes off
the fairy dust

was a fairy tale
once upon a time

it’s a stain

that won’t wash


L. K. Thayer

Photo by VC Ferry

All Rights Reserved

© 2010

“Sundae” by L. K. Thayer

L. K. Thayer

Photo by Sandra Carlson

gasping, hot humid air
mind over matter heaves
when will the knock at the door
take my breath away?

I peek through the shutters
uttering a sigh of madness
holding onto my silk cocoon
fluttering hearts and palpitating
dance the tango
of twisted canals in hotel lobbies
and cat’s pajamas

the thunder in my thighs readies
for it’s occupant, turning the bed sheets
down a notch
my jeans slide off my hips in a tangled bunch
waiting for my alter ego
my bedroom street smarts kick in
with baited libido

I uncork my inner monologue and hallelujah chorus
waiting for the dark horse
my stud, my mount, to come hither
Frankincense & Myrrh billow in the shabby room
scaring up romance
and cutting strings attached

no mercy for the wicked wench
who wets her appetite for Crème Brulee
whip cream
and a cherry
on top

L. K. Thayer

All Rights Reserved

© 2009