“WAITING FOR JACK…” – Friday Dec. 7th 8pm. @ Beyond Baroque

Meet the Beats – 
S.A. Griffin/Ferlinghetti
Peter Harris/Ted Joans
Lisa Thayer/Anne Waldman
Richard Modiano/Gregory Corso
Dani Roter/Joyce Johnson
Mark Boone Jr./Charles Bukowski
John Thomas/John Harris
Pegerty Long/Philomene Long
Herb Schmid/Kenenth Patchem
Dave Alvin/Jack Spicer,
Rick Overton/Rexroth
Marc Olmsted/Allen Ginsberg
and surprise guests…..

with Rex Weiner & Michael C Ford

Produced by Eve Brandstein


Beyond Baroque

681 Venice Boulevard  

Venice, CA 90291
(310) 822-3006

Be There Or Be Square……….

“WAITING FOR JACK…” Friday Nov. 16th 8PM @ Beyond Baroque!

Waiting For Jack  with…
S.A. Griffin, John Doe,
Lisa Thayer, Marc Olmsted,
Cheryl Fidelman, Richard Modiano,
Marc Olmsted, Yvonne De la Vega,
Theida Salazar, John Thomas,
Mark Salerno & Herb Schmidt
Performing the works of
Diane di Prima, Ferlinghetti,
Ginsberg, Corso, Janine Pommy Vega,
LeRoi Jones, Bob Kaufman,
Jack Spicer, Anne Waldman,
Hettie Jones, Robert Creeley,
Kenneth Patchen
See WAITING FOR JACK – Nov. 16, 8 pm Beyond Baroque $15
Eve Brandstein’s Poetry in Motion Presents WAITING FOR JACK, a tribute to Beat Poetry at Beyond Baroque in Venice, CAVENICE, CA – November 16: A lineup of L.A.’s poets and actors will perform poems by Beat Era icons in a re-creation of the historic 1955 Six Gallery poetry reading in a theatrical performance produced by Michael C. Ford, Rex Weiner and Eve Brandstein.The shamanistic evocation of the Beat Era, staged at Beyond Baroque, the legendary Venice poetry mecca, is

a “must see” for those who love Beat poetry and great performances.In this limited engagement on two dates—November 16 and December 7—today’s poets recall the lyrical language, powerful political commentary and eloquent insults of the influential writers of the Beat Era, all the while awaiting the arrival of “Jack” (Kerouac), who is always late to every engagement. Allen Ginsberg, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Diane DiPrima, LeRoi Jones, Ann Waldman, and Gary Snyder are just few of the spirits conjured to appear in these two performances. Jack finally arrives, but in a magically unexpected manner.This 90-minute theatrical experience was created by Michael C. Ford and Rex Weiner, who play regulars in a mythic Beat cafe, summoning the poets who are introduced as they appear, and providing social commentary as the events and attitudes of the past reflect and are reinterpreted in new realities of our Millennial age. The performance is directed by Eve Brandstein and Rex Weiner.
WHERE: Beyond Baroque 
681 Venice Boulevard 
(310) 822-3006
WHEN: November 16, 8PM
December 7, 8PM
Advance tickets are available for $15 at

CONTACT: Nancy Fulton
(424) 270 9004

WEBSITE: http://waitingforjackshow.blogspot.com/

“Waiting For Jack” Tonight! Sat. Oct. 16th Encore Performance


John Densmore producing play Waiting For Jack

  • September 24th, 2010 7:59 pm ET

It looks like Oct 16th is shaping up to be a date for poetic remembrances of literary hero’s. In Nashville on the 16th will be A Night to Remember Jim Morrison In Poetry, Film & Song. Now we have a John Densmore produced (along with Michael C Ford, Eve Brandstein, and Rex Weiner) play, Waiting for Jack.

Waiting For Jack is described as a rough recreation of the famous Gallery Six Reading in 1955 in which Allen Ginsberg first read Howl. The original reading wasn’t a staid polite poetry reading given to sipping tea, maybe smoking of tea*. It was a raucous affair with jugs of wine being passed around with Kerouac exhorting the poets from the audience much as a Jazz fan would encourage a solo.

In Waiting For Jack, John Densmore plays Gary Snyder, and along with the poetry Densmore plays the bongo’s. The play is the brainchild of Rex Weiner and Michael C. Ford and seeks not a literal reenactment of the Gallery Six reading or the poets that were there, but seeks the spirit of the night. The play recreates the raucous atmosphere of the original Gallery Six reading with off stage commentators adding punctuating remarks to the poetry in the form of heckling, flirting, bickering much like a Greek chorus or perhaps a beat “Our Town.”

The 90 minute play also features Eric Trules as Allen Ginsberg, Doug Knott as Charles Bukowski, Eve Brandstein as Diane DiPrima, and a whole host of others who on any given night of the performance may participate. Waiting For Jack has previously been performed in August of this year for a three night stand at The Short Stop Bar in Echo Park. You can see photos of the performance on their website. Producer Rex Weiner is hoping in the future to find the show a permanent residence so the show can be held regularly. Early next year they will take the show to college campuses around the country.

Waiting For Jack is a one night only affair Oct 16th, 2010 at 7 PM, $7.00 donation at the door. It will be presented at Tom Landau’s Studio 1520, 1520 2nd St., Santa Monica, CA, 90403.

*At the time tea was the euphemism for marijuana.

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Jim Cherry

Cast includes:

Stephen Kalinich (Jack Micheline), S.A. Griffin (Lawrence Ferlinghetti),

Lisa K. Thayer (Ann Waldman), Elkanah Burns (Frank O’Hara),

Theida Salazar (Bob Kaufman) Herbert T. Schmidt, Jr. (Kenneth Patchen),

Doug Knott (Charles Bukowski), Eve Brandstein (Diane DiPrima),

John Densmore (Gary Snyder), John DiFusco (Lew Welch),

Bill Duke (LeRoi Jones), Eric Trules (Allen Ginsberg)

and  Susan Hayden (Bobbie Louise Hawkins)

with special surprise guests… and your hosts, Michael C. Ford and Rex Weiner.

“To A Young Actress” by Michael C Ford

Perfectly, you call us to
eternity’s corrugated edge.
It’s hard, sometimes, to

flood the world, when you
are not God. And, then,
discover your hard copy

script is full of dull liquid
solvent syllables. When you
need to name counterpart

character lives all the time
your protagonist beat actions,
eventually, find out more about

how delicate the balance is
between the creative boards
you walk on and the divided

life you carry across the stage.
So does incontinent direction
bring on destruction of a cruel

muse?  Or is it only your role in
our sensory rebellion going into
a major production?

=Michael C Ford

© 2010

Last Night!! “Waiting For Jack” A Poetry Theater Event @ The Shortstop Bar

A Poetry Theater Event
Produced by and Eve Brandstein, Rex Weiner & Michael C Ford,
Presented by The Shortstop

•    WHAT: Prominent LA Poets reading the works of Beat Era Poets… an homage, an invocation of spirits, and a rousing night of live poetry presented by the legendary Shortstop Bar in Echo Park
•    WHEN: Aug 13, 14, and 15, 7:00 – 9:30 each night
•    WHO: produced by Eve Brandstein, Rex Weiner and  Michael C. Ford,
•    WHERE: The Shortstop, 1455 West Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90026
•   CONTACT: (213) 482-4942 (public)… (323) 997 2853 (press only)
•    HOW MUCH: $5 donation

In a loose re-creation of the historic 1955 Six Gallery poetry reading, and other readings of the Beat Era, a group of prominent LA poets read favorite poems by Beat icons. As they read, they take on the personae of the various poets, and a dramatic situation takes shape as two offstage commentators drink, goof, commiserate and conjure up the poet-readers from the audience, one after another: all the while awaiting the arrival of “Jack” (Kerouac), who is always late, and may not show up. Finally, Jack appears (or does he?) and brings the evening to an emotional climax.

The 90-minute piece is partly scripted, partly improvised, not unlike a jazz performance where musicians depart from the sheet music to do their own thing. Poets are invited to choose the poems they prefer to read. The cast changes from night to night. As the evening progresses, the reality of the present shifts back and forth to the past. The effect will be a shamanistic evocation of the Beat Era, an homage to its lost heroes, as well as an entertaining night of live poetry.

POETS (only 8 or 9 will be read each night)

Denise Levertov
Kenneth Rexroth
Charles Bukowski
Philomene Long
Diane DiPrima
Frank Lima
Kenneth Patchen
Barbara Guest
Ray Bremser
Ann Waldman
Jack Micheline
Laurence Ferlinghetti
Gregory Corso
Bob Kaufman
Lew Welch
John Thomas
Jack Kerouac
William Carlos Williams
Allen Ginsberg
Michael McClure
Gary Snyder
Philip Whalen
Brother Antoninus
Henry Miller
Philip Lamantia
LeRoi Jones/Amiri Baraka
Lenore Kandel
William S. Burroughs
Ted Joans


Herbert T. Schmidt, Jr., Sarah Maclay, Bill Duke,  L. K. Thayer, Stephen John Kalinich, S.A. Griffin, John Harris, Pegarty Long, Jerry Garcia, Gail Wronsky, Chuck Rosenthal,  Cyril O’Reilly, Michael C Ford, Eve Brandstein,  Rex Weiner

“The Day My Uncle Divorced Gene Tierney” by Michael C Ford

I mean that’s the way it was it seemed because
I started going to movies at the age of three it
Was better than babysitters or so my parents

Decided and it wasn’t too surprising when I
Began to indemnify unreasonable realities
With a whole lot of infantile identifications

And when I looked at my uncle’s 2nd wife for
The last time through a window on the Illinois
Central she was like a 1945 Laura portrait blue

Hat with fishnet veil and how she’d blink back
Tears on the night train and how I waved kind
Of flexing my fingers……unsteady as triggers.

Michael C Ford

From his book “The Demented Chauffeur”

© 2009

“A Man Mad Enough To Live Among Monsters” by Michael C Ford

I am a man mad enough to live among monsters,
Inside this blighted lightless place, where there are
Too many eyes, with nothing human looking out.

It’s a place where a Dr. Frankenstein is seen lurking
Around every corner and waiting to create beasts of
Dark malevolence; where weapons are sniping at

Innocent bystanders from turrets on tract-home
Prison rooftops. It is a place where there are too
Many being poisoned by the radiated grunge of

Industrial profiteering; or where they are terrorized
By landlords whose hands always get a firm grip on
Gears of the guillotine. Take me to a place, where

Jacaranda trees spill pills of purple cotton over
Pitted roads of passage; and, endlessly, leading
Back to that demonic country, where passports
Will always be issued for re-entry.

Michael C Ford

(from his book “The Demented Chauffeur”)

© 2010

“Escape Clause” by Michael C Ford

Noon! Into the oblivion

of sun in Culiacan. Navajoa

brings down the warmed-over

daylight. Guaymas goes damp

as the Gulf mosquitos of

Topolabompo. Lunar moths in

Los Mochis, with evanescent

insect grace, sail suicidal into

the indomitable face of the truck.

Nogales crossover/5:AM. The

windshield glass is a translucent

bug cemetery. Despite our dirty

carriage of death, we show-up

clean for the border police.

Michael C Ford

From his book “The Demented Chauffeur”

© 2009

L. K. Thayer’s Foto Fetish

© 2010