“Miles Davis Was A Jazzman” by Craig S. O’Connell

Miles Davis was a jazzman
A razzamatazz man
Leader of the band
With a trumpet in his hand
Miles Davis
Miles Davis.

Miles Davis was
A looming lyrical man
Soft and sassy,
Bold and brassy,
A bebop hipster
Sharp as a tack
So clean,
So cool.

Boppin’ the blues at Birdland
with his big bop band
Doo Bop
Strictly Rebop

On the corner
On Green Dolphin Street
Down on 52nd Street
and the uptown Harlem beat
There was Miles
Steamin’… workin’… cookin’… relaxin’

The musings of Miles were often
kind of blue
Like a blue haze on quiet nights
A bluesette at starlight
A blue mood heard round about midnight
Miles Davis was all blues.

A muted Miles melody
Is a soft soothing lullaby
in any language.
From his sketches of Spain
to the girls of Kilimanjaro
and the images of Nefertiti
Miles was the man with the horn
From whom the cool was born.

I thought I saw Miles just the other day
I heard that trumpet cry, wail, sigh
In a silent way
Miles away
Miles in the sky

Miles Davis

Craig S. O’Connell

(Professor Bop)

© 1999