“Icing, Nuts, and Cake” by Shirley June Compton



Straight home I came

It was still broad daylight

And it’s a good thing I did.

Hardly touched

As touching goes

But, ah, love, even so

Anyone looking at me could tell I had been loved.

Flushed, warm cheeks

Sparkling eyes

(no mascara even)

Just a few crumbs

But ah, love, even so

They were crumbs

not from under the rich man’s table

But tasty, flavorful, scraped from the bottom of the pan

Finger licking good

Icing, nuts, and cake.

And though

I know

No amount of crumbs will ever make a loaf –

             not even one piece –

Ah, love, even so

How rich it is!

Anyone looking at me could tell I have been loved.


“She Was Made” by Kay Bess

Everything I demand of her lately is an affront to who she is.

Be quiet. Stay focused. Get down. Sit still.

She was made to move.

She was made to leap and bound and climb.

Her eyes were made to follow the butterfly out the window,

not the stick on the chalkboard.

Her voice was made to laugh too loud,

her legs to run like mad,

her brain to ignore the caution I beg her to heed.

She was made for the charge,

to bridle her own steed,

and to try her mother’s patience.

She was made in my womb and she’ll always be mine,

but she wasn’t made for me.

Kay Bess

© 2011