“Movie Night” by C. Jean Pearlstein

I hurry from my car to find
My place at the gentrified corner
Restaurant among my sister’s friends
It’s a warm and sunny afternoon
The outdoor umbrellas shield us from
The glare
Cacophonous voices examine in
Detail the parking logistics of
One couple.

One long time friend tries to shush the volume of the elder woman
We are all old, senior citizens
Attending weeknight movie previews
The movie centers on a young
Hawaiian princess of the 19th century
Of her love, and loss
Punctuated by sarcastic whispers
Who forgot what it’s like to
Be young, and juicy, and needy.
“I love all women”, my Sis told me earlier.
I rise and leave the theater
In the dark, while the credits scroll.

C. Jean Pearlstein

L. K. Thayer’s Foto Fetish

© 2010