“Laugh Riot” by L. K. Thayer

He said he didn’t know what he liked better
my stories or where the holes were in my pants.
We drank dollar margaritas and our memories
shot back to when were lovers.

We were goofy and laughed more than we’d ever
laughed with anyone. Holed up during the LA riots,
we drank. Trying to numb out the rivers
of hatred and desperation burning in the streets
below and wondered if we were all going to die,
a good reason to drink some more & eat a great steak.

This was before cell phones & texting & computers.
The streets were on fire with racial incineration and
kerosene hatred. We were hypnotized by the theme
song from Twin Peaks and tripped in and out of playing
house and whose ATM machine we could rely on.

We were cuddly and precocious and cut from the same
cloth. Except he needed to be mommied and I needed to be

daddied and we could no longer pacify each other.
Our playpen could no longer contain us
and the babysitter with no notice
up and quit.

Photo & Poem by L. K. Thayer

All Rights Reserved

© 2010

“Drinking” by Antonio Ruiz

it’s always the same
stella with a cold glass
double patron silver chilled really well
at the same bars with
different people
and a lot of times
the same people
wishing they had a cigarette in
their fingers
a woman or man on their arm
drunker then they are
they know they won’t make the night
face down. face up
in whatever comes up that night.

jack daniels. and eddie and mary and joey or pat or jose or eduardo or absolute and if it has alcohol
that’s fine too.

this is not cheers
but everyone knows your name
but have no clue who you are

we’re not really here
we’re somewhere off
on a beach resort with a
tall one and a pink umbrella
and a tropical evening breeze

your brain is numb
to the hammering
in your head
the screaming from the loudest
drunks in the room
pretending they’re not leaning over
just a little too much
or smashed down on the bar top
their face in their three dollar drinks
the plastic swizzle stick stuck up their nose

and they’re laughing
their asses off

and no one even notices.

this is not cheers
but everyone knows your name
but have no clue who you are
and that’s a good cold drink.

Antonio Ruiz

All Rights Reserved

© 2010