“Remain Open” by Stephen John Kalinich

“I believe all inspiration

comes form Divine Love

accessible within us

within  the reach of our individual consciousness.

All Art and Poetry to me

is a gift that the Universe of Grace

gives to me.

I am witnessing the creativity

through my spirt

and it comes form Love

even if it is dark .

The more i know it comes as a gift

the more i am able to create.

The tendency is

when you become known

or a success

to think it is you

but to me it is never me

but always a gift

which may at times come through me

and touch other lives.

When people send me

all their credits

I could care less.

How is the heart I say,

Are they kind do they care about others?

This is what I am into to

and I do not expect others

to agree

I just feel this myself

and if they come into accord

with my way of looking at it

and living it

so much the better.

I am humble before creativity

because i think it comes from God

not out in the skies but God within us.”

Stephen John Kalinich

Foto by L. K. Thayer

© 2010