“Answers Lie” by Julie Dolcemaschio

Answers lie in viper magnets on the fridge
I love the way Picachu holds the flag
And sings God Save the Queen like Sid Vicious

Lavender grows wild this year, early
Spring comes late to those who still love winter
Sleet covers streets bare of trees
Only a streetlamp gets turned on before six

I dreamed my knight in shining armor
Arrived on a gilded horse
The horse lifted his head proudly
And told me only fools mourn a loss before it happens

I am with you now
You will never read these words
You will never know what losing you will do to me
I will sit next to you and tell you all that is good
So the fear will come less often

Answers lie in a morphine drip
They came to her in bright hallucinations
She told them to stop yelling
Her heart was still strong, still beating
And she asked if I had wine with lunch

Adesh speaks of poisoned men and planted roses
I want to tell her about beauty
And how it shows itself in sophomore eyes
I want to tell her that peace comes only
To those who look for the silver lining with their eyes closed

Answers lie where you look for them
Under rocks, that’s so cliché
I prefer to find them in the poetry spoken
While fucking a lover who never lies

I will live for those beauty moments
And I will die a thousand little deaths
If he says it should be so

Answers lie in the greeting as well as the let go
I feared the pain of both
Until I greeted the golden boys
And said goodbye to Adonis

I will wave with bravery when the queen says it’s time
And find answers where they lie
In imperfect arms I will die those little deaths
And breathe life into his hard places
While he speaks to me in tongues
And reads my poems in Italian

Julie Dolcemaschio

Photo by VC Ferry

All Rights Reserved

© 2010

“Dulova” by Stephen Kalinich

Love is an undying dance..

escalate the Peace..

legislation can not make man act
hate will manifest
if the heart is jealous envious
kindness never known
cannot be expressed…..

misfits end on streets
with no name
far away from memory
calm winters mischief
violent storms erupt
before killing undress yourself
jump naked into hell….

you have a choice
silent angels jump in front of cars
to save their mothers…

yesterday can not be brought back
take it from where you are
but be aware.
falling backwards
the bastards bomb
that small village
innocent children die
every second
someone is starving….

Stephen John Kalinich

Photo by Mark Mawston

All Rights Reserved

© 2010

“I Collapse” by Stephen Kalinich

Photo by Mark Mawston


if you turn it around

you are guided by restrictions





rewinding earthly quilts

illusions fade into jasmine

New York jurors weep

over verdict

we humble ourselves

we hold back expressions and feelings

to be polite

we restrict our impulses

at every level

green jade eyes


out of windows

there is dead silence on the streets

no life stirs

tones are hushed

melodies are suppressed

the soul is busting open

it has no direction

no course

no purpose

searches for an inkling

of what is inexpressible

witness the rivers quest

its quiet march towards

bored ignorant queer folk

who pick themselves up out of bed

each morning

noise all day

joint access

wears a quiet dwelling

commercial considerations link

virtue with consumption

and a hazy veil is drawn

unsuspecting victims yield-

telephone lines

are shutdown

all forms of communication break down

I pack my suitcase

a cold winter is coming

rations are scarce

who will feed the souls of the people

who will restore the will

of the Kindness that is dwindling

How will Nuclear waste

be stored or neutralized?

What are the spill-overs

the side effects?

You Groan

Quitely Without power

Oil Kings and sheiks dominate

and the starving masses

go unrecognized by history

The struggles

of the every day

all fall in death

the final act

without an encore

My Heroes wear beanies

Were individually Born on Fridays

Orgies say Yes

Inward intruders

interrupters of the peace

will not leave us alone

UfO sightings are on the increase

there are strange disturbances

in the weather

electricity is off Kilter

FEW Are Polite

less are just

Joy Is Under

the radar

seldom expressed

there is great sadness

in the world

A great inequality

Giving forgotten children weeping

with open sores food

Divine Potential

Violent Malicious

deeds and thought

turn into pardon.

cascade into an avalanche

of gushing emotions

and I collapse.

Stephen John Kalinich

All Rights Reserved

© 2009