“Fruit For Thought…”

Cuisine oil painting, Cuisine Still Life Fruit oil painting

Physical pleasure is a sensual experience no different from pure seeing or the pure sensation with which a fine fruit fills the tongue; it is a great unending experience, which is given us, a knowing of the world, the fullness and the glory of all knowing. And not our acceptance of it is bad; the bad thing is that most people misuse and squander this experience and apply it as a stimulant at the tired spots of their lives and as distraction instead of a rallying toward exalted moments.

– Rainer Maria Rilke

“Envy” by Mitch Hicks

I want to be that horse
The smile you give as you mount and sit astride
Gripping thighs that press close and tight
Your hands that pat and stroke with care
A long hard ride brings pleasure and pain
Feeling the crop in your hand and my heart in your lap
Fields of freedom with pasture I graze
Envy at four legs…. well maybe
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