“I WANT A GUN” by Eve Brandstein

I want a gun
not just a small secret weapon
but one to scare the end of the world into good behavior

I want a gun
that will explode the fear out of my holy self
and hatred out of your lies confusion scaly skin

I want a gun
that cleans up the street where I live
where my baby sleeps behind bars to protect him
as the helicopter sweeps overhead every night
looking for another statistic in the neighborhood

I want a gun
to protect my woman’s body
full of what’s left that’s vulnerable after history has had
it’s impact turning me from Morrocco to Mars

I want a gun
that blows away the masked stranger of unspeakable crimes
while the city screams with sirens wild
ricochets against canyon and basin ocean valley and alley
wild with secret suicides homocides hate crimes

I want a gun
to feel like lethal weapon terminator Gibson Glover Willis Morris Snipes Stallone deadly force blast of macho but not drink beer kill a deer watch football deep sea hand glide or rape burn pillage a village

I want a gun
that doesn’t stop the moon from shining in my womb
doesn’t stop me from bleeding or healing or opening doors

I want a gun
that transforms but doesn’t kill  erases images of assasination  sadistic images  passing as pleasure that gets reviews  news  awards

I want a gun
even though I’m against raw angry violence the kind that disreagards human life but in this time of hate crimes extremist styles shoot’em to kill movies colors and tagging media salivating crimes religious invasion of other people’s rights tight lipped liberal righteous easy answers sex scandal trials leaders of color with blame on their tongue white supremacist intolerant of everything that doesn’t jerk right cold angry silence rising  where the instant replay numbs the image to the wall over and over till there doesn’t seem to be enough detergent to sell that can clean up the mess the monstrous alienation that exists surrounded by ethnic cleansing everywhere

I want a gun
that shoots words loud enough to scare the assailant that chills them to suffer the crime that changes their minds without the pulse being lost

I want a gun
so I can get back the heat of Whitman the jazz of Kerouac the zen of Snyder the blood of Sexton the howl of Ginsburg the dog of Dylan the Paterson of Williams the empty rivers and ovens of Delmore Plath Jarrell and Lowell

I want a gun
because my poetry has become a battleground a driveby
carjacking uprising kidnapping stalking serial ending of the
20th Century waiting for the next incarnation of heaven as
the curtain closes my veil lifting


Eve Brandstein

Photograph “behind bars” by

Liquid2Liquid – U.K.

© 2011

“Just Cause” by Eve Brandstein

Just cause,
I could write about international cataclysm
Iraq, Palestine, Pakistan,
Kashmir, India, Afghanistan,
Jerusalem, Gaza,  Phillipines, Sudan
Twin Towers, Al Queda,  Iran
Suicide bombers, holy war, decapitating a man
Just cause
The objective – to remove demon logic
From cataract view
Obliterate essential evil
Reflected in camouflaged eyes
Beneath burka, kaffia, red white& blue stripped tie
Crusade of lasers, missiles, patriots, tanks roll by
From front line, 24 hours live
I could write about another distant or urban war
I could write about the memory of last century
Only a decade old
I could write about the possibility of a total just cause.

But I choose to write about sex and cigarettes
Football and chicken
A man and a woman
Just cause
There is real mystery
In the way we eat
The way we listen to beauty
The way we take things into out bodies
The way we exhale the pleasure into someone else’s mouth
Round and wet and open
There’s little mystery to me in how
We kill each other
Lose out minds
Kill time

Listen to an Adagio stroke each stroke slow
Relax and feel each finger stroke each note
While fire burns someone else’s home
Heads decapitated, set on sticks held high
Beaten marginalized tortured defiled
Stations local to national report
Of international rape oil spill poison smoke
The drive by battlefield next door
Another just cause
Just another just cause
That challenges our humanity
Just cause “staying sane is amazing in an insane society”
Which is what Eric Fromm said
Sortta about the choice
We all have to make
On how we’re going to live

So I choose to write
About sex and cigarettes
Football and chicken
A man and a woman
Just cause
In all ways
Everything I want to know
Is in the mystery of these exchanges
And the ball is high
Outside there is a warm breeze
And the boats hardly shift
While I drift
Between the smooth water and the kitchen
Want to eat chicken
Go fishin’
Touch down and sleep
Your tongue
You’re warm breeze
Like the smell of home cooking
And there’s the call
And one pass is complete
Watching the smooth water
While smoke curls from your black tobacco
Textures the edge of your fingertips
Touching lip to lip
As the sun slips into the
Final minutes of the game
Rocking to your breath
Hot and heavy caress as you groan
Just cause
Just cause
Just cause
It is so easy to
Just cause.

Eve Brandstein
Los Angeles, Ca.
© March, 2010

“Boys without Fathers” by Susan Hayden

This has always been
a “Quest” story:
Adventures, magical rewards,
the tests

Running for my life
and from my life
since I had feet

Running to meet
who were once
boys without fathers

Boys without Fathers

They learned their way
around things,
not by choice
They’ve given voice
and reason
to my tiny little leaps
toward the Unknown

and I was (and still am)
to their lack of guidance–
that moral (or immoral) code
by being let loose
to draw conclusions
of their Own

A Father will reveal
a river’s hidden moves;
the groove in the magic angle,
twenty degrees to skip a stone

not leave a Boy
to bond with the Alone
and grow up overnight
with no instructions

A Father will show
How to build a fire
Pitch a tent
Give directions
Embellish all reflections

Fight with snowballs,
Fish through ice
He’ll be the one that says,
“Roll the dice,
it’s your turn”

Your Turn

This has always been
a “Quest” story
with its circuitous route,
its point and its shoot;
its natural disasters

Still running to the men
Who were once
Boys without Fathers

To seek from within them
what’s unwritten:
the secret to dreaming
the unmarked trail
the backroad home
the way to make peace with the Alone

The adventures, the magical rewards,
the tests
and a plea in their honor,
a simple request:
Please teach me
How to grow my own Boy,
the One without a Father

Susan Hayden

© 2010

Poetry In Motion @ Beyond Baroque Thurs. Nov. 11th


Foto by L. K. Thayer


Beyond Baroque – 681 Venie Blvd., Venice, Ca. 90291

Time:7:00PM Thursday, November 11th


“People came to hear poetry as if it were a rock concert. It was amazing! We were actually a success story. We even published a book The Hollywood Review… I’m about to start up another run of Poetry In Motion LA, this year at Beyond Baroque…”  Eve Brandstein

More than a reunion – a renaissance and with some new features. The first show of Poetry In Motion LA will be Nov. 11 – Reunion of the Vets with Michael Des Barres, Pamela Des Barres, Anne Beatts, Rick Overton, Ty Granderson Jones, Michael C. Ford, Susan Hayden., Meri Danquah, Yvonne De LaVega, Anthony Di Novi, Pam Ward, Ron Zimmerman, Michael O’Keefe, Jamie Rose, S.A. Griffin, Doug Knott, Eric Trules, Jen Lynch and featured spoken word and musical artist – David Zasloff After that it will be a monthly series every 3rd Thursday.

At Last: A Reunion of the Vets –

On Nov. 11, 2010 Beyond Baroque and Eve Brandstein presents “The Poetry In Motion Series” Beyond Baroque – 681 Venie Blvd., Venice, Ca. 90291

Time:7:00PM Thursday, November 11th $10 donation
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(L. K. Thayer will be reading on Jan. 20th, 2011)
© 2010