Democrats are the New Republicans…



“Democrats are the party of patriotism, because they’re doing something infinitely more urgent and substantive than berating football players who kneel during the national anthem. They’re recognizing that a hostile foreign power tried to change the course of an American presidential election. They’re pressing for a full accounting of that. They’re looking for fixes, so that we can know with confidence that we control our own destiny going forward. The president, meanwhile, plays down the threat, and Republicans prop him up.

Democrats are the party of national security. They don’t taunt and get into Twitter wars with the rulers of countries that just might send nuclear warheads our way. They don’t alienate longtime allies by flashing contradictory signals about their commitment to NATO. The leader of the Republican Party does all of that and more, denying the G.O.P. any pretense to stewardship of a stable world order.

Democrats are the law-and-order party. While many Republicans and their media mouthpiece, Fox News, labor to delegitimize the F.B.I. and thus inoculate Trump, Democrats put faith in prosecutors, agents and the system.

Democrats are the party of decency and modesty. None of their highest leaders uses the public arena to bully private citizens in the way that the Republican president does. None advances his or her financial interests as brazenly or brags as extravagantly.

Democrats are the party of tradition, if it’s interpreted — and it should be — to mean a news media that operates without fear of government interference, an internet to which access isn’t tiered, judicial appointees who have a modicum of fluency in trial law.

Under Trump’s thumb and spell, the Republican Party is watching the pillars of its brand crumble. Democrats should grab hold of and appropriate them. And they’re starting to, fitfully and imperfectly. Jettisoning Al Franken as the Republican National Committee reteamed with Moorewas part of that effort.

Who among us doesn’t care about family values, defined justly and embraced honestly? Who doesn’t see the good in patriotism, tradition and decency? They’re neither hokey words nor musty concepts, and that’s why Republicans have been using (and misusing) them. But in the age of Trump, they constitute a language that Democrats can more credibly speak.”

Frank Bruni  – 

The New York Times

Charles Bukowski



having the flu and
with nothing else to do

I read a book about John Dos Passos and according to
the book once radical-communist
John ended up in the Hollywood Hills living off investments
and reading the
Wall Street Journal

this seems to happen all too often.

what hardly ever happens is
a man going from being a young conservative to becoming an
old wild-ass radical

young conservatives always seem to become old
it’s a kind of lifelong mental vapor-lock.

but when a young radical ends up an
old radical
the critics
and the conservatives
treat him as if he escaped from a mental

such is our politics and you can have it

keep it.

sail it up your

Charles Bukowski

“How Did We Get Here?” by Levy Lee Simon

I look around at today’s world and wonder how in the world did we get here?

Not to make myself seem old because I’m not old but I am old skool and there’s nothing wrong with that and that’s a fact.

I mean I grew up during a time when kids played outside and parents sat up late after putting dinner on the plate. When baseball, and basketball and football were an activity

not just a visual commodity or something you play on X Box 500, Madden or whatever the video game’s name’s name is. I grew up in a time where boys and girls squared off in the middle of the street when there was a beef, no guns or AKs like there are today. The best person won, you shook hands and had fun.

I mean how did we get here, after Martin and Malcolm and Huey and Bobby and H.Rap Brown and James Brown, and Attica and JFK and RK and all those that died in Viet Nam for Uncle Sam. How did we get here?

After promises of a better world, those that died, those that got fried, those that went into exile to hide, because they wanted to expose the truth. The truth that was suppose to set us free, you and me. So how did we get here?

In 2010 when we were suppose to win, with a Black President who said all the right things like it’s about change and yes we can…. can I get an Amen, elected by blacks whites, yellows and browns by a people tired of the same old sounds. It was an event a Black man is president. Yes we can! Yes we can, make a America a vision of divine destiny that can’t be denied by American historical shame called pride, yes we can turn the economy around that’s going down betrayed by needy greedy parasites of the right. And a war that’s not ours to fight.  We got a president that’s Black, now you know they were going to react. If you didn’t you got it twisted because here they come, dumb diddy dumb.

Where progress seems to have stopped and we have lost a lot, where racism and sexism and homophobism are back in style and suicide seems like the only way out for some because it stinks that bad and hurts that hard and grips that tight, like it’s not going to let go so there is only one way out.  How did we get here?

Where young kids are still being murdered on the inner cities streets by cops and by their own, who don’t know any better because they don’t know their own history, as they walk down the streets like the streets they own, their turf full of hurt, self hatred dripping from the very skin that they can’t stand to be in.

How did we get here… where marching on Washington is like a new hobby for uneducated racist hooligans, marching in the name of the American flag when it’s the America flag they are desecrating by their very own presence, and you ask them why and they tell you to your face that the president is a Muslim, like there’s something wrong with that even though it’s far from a fact.  How did we get here? Maybe take a look at eight years of a burning Bush.

How did we get here? Where it’s OK for blue bloodied Americans to disrespect the President on National TV and for others to threaten his life as if it’s all right. Funny in all my years, a decade and almost four score, I never saw or heard that before.

And some people actually thought we’d progressed to a post-racial America. LOL Laughing out loud. Is FOX TV still in America?  Can you take the spots off of a leopard? I know they are working on it, I mean they crossed a Tiger and Lion to make a 9000 pound beast called a Liger. Watch out something’s coming, next summer at a movie theatre near you.

How did we get here? A Tea Party that’s neither in Boston nor in England but maybe in your neighbor’s back yard at three. How did we get here, where people are seriously considering Sarah Palin for president, Sarah Palin is a national security threat, press eject. And that voice, come on guys forget president, could you imagine hearing that voice in the morning or at the height of sexual expression. There goes my erection.

I mean what happened to a time when people passionately fought for their rights and weren’t suckered into being scared or living in fear. We used to be a fearless country that marched in spite of all odds…. I mean we faced dogs and hoses, and red necks, and ropes, lynchings, the KKK, the national guard, the threat of communism, murder and assassination . And we stood strong and looked anybody in the eye and demanded to be heard, to be acknowledged because we were tired of the bullshit and we were real Americans godamnit.

So how did we get here, where everything seems to be so petty?  Where politicians spend millions to call each other names on TV? Aren’t we in a recession? I mean millions being spent to elect who? What? Why? Damn a commercial, I need a job. You selfish, self seeking mother .. no you can’t have my vote!

News flash.. they just got the house back… deal with that.

How did we get here? But we are here. The question I should ask next is, how do we get out?

Levy Lee Simon

© 2010