Rebecca Clites


“I Save Twenty Bucks a Month Not Buying Tampons”


My hot flashes are getting hotter.  My desire is getting colder.  And my patience and my hair are growing thin.  I can barely remember ten minutes ago let alone yesterday.  Sending an email that makes sense requires no less than five reviews.  I could doze off in front of a friend telling the most riveting story.  Or I could stay up all night watching Barbra Streisand TV specials.  My attention span is less than that of a two year old.  I must be entertained at “Hello” or I’m bored.  I take no pills.  I create my own prisoners.  My filter is worn through.  There is very little between my thoughts and my voice.  There is less between my insanity and my reality.  And there is nothing between my legs.  Menopause has set me free.  I am a liberated b-otch who has nothing to prove to anyone but herself.  That, my friends, is more significant than saving twenty bucks a month not buying tampons.

– Rebecca Clites

“So Here We Begin” by Rebecca Clites

As she explodes from the horizon
her force outshines the rays of the sun
Yesterday is strong
The world waits on Tomorrow
and Today always comes
She is the ocean’s mistress
She is born unto us
She is beautiful
And she is leaving soon
so we really need to take her picture
I waited in line 45 minutes
to see the woman with the long shiny tail
and now it’s time for her break
With my arms raised to the gods who always listen,
I ask,
“Since when do I wait for mermaids?”

There is a carnival in my neighborhood
and it is filled with water
Like an ocean with freak shows instead of pony rides
and roller coasters
The children’s screams and splashes
are causing all sorts of commotion
My best friend is riding a walrus across town –
She is dressed for work
Orcas wait in the background
The big gray whales fit in amongst the crowd
The ticket to the mermaid show feels soggy
in my hand – the ink will probably stain my pants
A voice from the gods who always listen replies,
“It is you for whom they wait.”

I am the mermaid
I am the freak
I am the show

So here we begin

My water world fantasies frequently contain
catastrophes simulating concoctions that can
only be derived by people
under the influence of menopausal tendencies

Rebecca Clites

Foto by L. K. Thayer

© 2011

“Under the influence of Egon Schiele #1” by Rebecca Clites

Bloodless crotches abound
None more barren than my own

In this phase of maturation,
the part of me that is woman
fights to stay alive

Suddenly I want the change to die
Return the gift and cut her throat

My bush is full grown
I don’t cry during orgasm
Nor do I marvel at fornication
The stains on my sheets
are from my own hormonal sweat
Nothing has come here lately

Where there once was elasticity
there is now decay of bone
And my 36 B’s need extra support

I piss twice as often as last year
remembering nothing about it really
Passing gas is more likely
than passing a written exam

Such pity for myself is new to this life
My pain closer to the surface
It is the surface that is decomposing
Bringing me closer to the end

Rebecca Clites
© 10-12-10

Female Nude by Egon Schiele – 1910