“Rebooting My System” by M. C. Lubow

My life has become so chaotic
because I am nervous and neurotic.
I am so neurotic, I think I need a tonic.
My spouse says I have attacks of panic.
I’d stop if he’d be more romantic.

To lessen stress, I exercise, exercise, exercise.
My pain and pangs, I want to excise…
my fingers on the pc keyboard,
my feet on the Wii Fit white board
I want to be free, I want to be me, Oh Lord.

I never thought I would be bored,
but I am bored. I am Emma Bovary bored.
I want to reboot my system. I want to delete my missives.
I no longer want to miss him.

While the world wide web, the world has shrunk,
there are still black and white polarized skunks.
My mind sees shades of gray. It has grown.
I prefer emails to being on the phone.

My voice gets stronger.
I want to live, live, live longer.
I want to dance in ballrooms.
I want to have time to groom.

Chapter three has opened me.
A new world is waiting.
I don’t want carbon dating
of me and my relics.

Stop the movers from crating
me and my favorite works of art.
I do not want to be boxed in.
I am not ready to depart.
I wish to live while I’m alive.

M. C. Lubow

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