“it only takes a moment” by Vicki Batkin

there he was,
in my rear mirror
took my breath away.

he didn’t notice me,
he was following her.

weaving in and out of cars,
like a handsome braid
graceful, yet manly.
his glistening black hair
matching his Harley

sitting tall and statuesque-like,
he turned.
i could see my reflection
in his glasses,
where did i go?

he caught up.

he nodded.
she smiled.
i shrunk.

they can’t see
what lies ahead.
the lust,
the love,
the comfort,
the happiness,
the blows
the disappointment…

it was there,
in that moment
i saw it all,
i lived it all,
i had it all.

and now,
i’m invisible.

how could a lifetime
end up in a moment?

Vicki Batkin

L. K. Thayer’s Foto Fetish

© 2010

“Mirrors” by Vicky Hamilton

Vicky Hamilton

Beauty begets beauty,
Lies creates lies,
Fear breeds fear,
Faith elevates faith,
Passion initiates passion,
Pure thoughts receive pure thoughts,
Intimacy embraces Intimacy,
Hate makes hate,
Trust equals trust,
Magic evolves magic,
Music repeats music,
Love builds love,
Truth mirrors truth.

When you pick up your mirror,
To take a look,
What reflection of me,
Is looking back at you?

Vicky Hamilton

All Rights Reserved

© 2010