“pre-coffee self absorbed Sunday morning private pre-poem mind ramblings” by Sam Spade


Time, Where did it go?

I sit here

Wondering on God’s thumbnail

My place in the whole scheme of things

Did I make the right decisions?

If time is infinite

Then I should meet myself

Back where I started

On that infinite bow tie loop,

If I made the right decisions?

If I made the right decisions

Would I be looking at myself now

Across God’s thumbnail

Thirty degrees to the left

My other self

thirty degrees to the right.

Should I have not merged with myself by now

On God’s thumbnail.

Or did I make all the right decisions

And just don’t comprehend.

Across a chasm of lost time.

Do I jump

Risking eternal damnation

In a loop of lost time.

Or am I in hell on the infinite loop time

Self absorbed

Separated from myself

By myself

Thirty degrees to the left

I jump

Reunited with myself

Happy, joyous, and free

On the infinite bowtie loop of lost time


God’s Thumbnail.

Sam Spade

L. K. Thayer’s Foto Fetish

© 2010

“Lover’s Knot” by L. K. Thayer


rapturous shutter bug
whisk me out of the maddening sewage
of my broken promised dream
the one with the dark horse who
rode me into the ground at full force
and galloped off with my heart as bounty.

let me sing in your rhymes and tumble
into the melancholy laughter to and fro
with risk and folly, throwing caution to
the naked sea lions, let the waves of lust
fill our loins with a chorus of trumpeting
angels, beating our breasts with passions purpose.

we will sail on the winds whisper and braid
natures ecstasy through the bond that
ties our lovers knot. I long for the seconds
when our connection explodes like an electrical
storm ransacking a field of pansies and poppies
ready to be picked and woven into spring.

the light around your aura travels across the pond
wanting to drown me with pleasure and nourish
my hunger like a mother’s breast upon a cherub’s
lips. I cease to breathe at the thought of you
dying before me, for I would risk my own life
and follow you across eternity for one last kiss.

he who makes me laugh shall have
my last laugh.

L. K. Thayer

All Rights Reserved

© 2010

“Take The Plunge” by Janna Bodek Harris

Fear not the unknown, the untried, the unexplored.

No guidebooks, nor navigation systems.

No assured passes, nor gratuitous guarantees.

No pilots nor pioneers to lead the way for you.

Take a chance. Dive into the murky uncertainty of the un.

Dare exposure, dare embarrassment, dare failure.

Fear not risk’s rocky terrain.

Take a chance. Step tentatively, if you must, but take a step.

Life is always uncharted, unchartered, unknown.

Fear not severing ties that bind.

Regret and resentment don’t make for warm bedmates.

Fear not the fray.

Take a chance. Take a stab. Take the plunge.

Janna Bodek Harris

Photo by VC Ferry

All Rights Reserved

© 2010

“In The Year Twenty Ten” Vicki Batkin

i will hear the sounds
of gentle rain.

i will breathe
in and out,
slowly enough
to hear
slow down.

i will embrace
my husband’s snoring,
as my new lullaby.

i will wear
a smile with promise.
my stride
will follow.

i will shut off the water
while brushing my teeth.
spit out less
look into the mirror more.

i will glide
across the room,
wearing three inch
black stilettos

i will live.
i will want.
i will change.
i will love.
i will laugh.
i will cry.
i will drink
and eat
i will dance.
i will gain 5
and loose 10.
i will be grateful
and un-grateful
i will stand
i will fall….

in the year Twenty Ten.

Vicki Batkin

Photo by Alexis Rhone Fancher

All Rights Reserved

© 2010