“Praises From A Tenor Sax” by L. K. Thayer

Photo of L. K. Thayer by Sandra Carlson

like salt on a bloodsucker
recoiling, shriveling
paralyzed fits of punishing

with the sell-out
the down and out
muck and mire choir
praises from a tenor sax
and a song
you can’t let go of

fill the loving cup
and drink it dry
try to stay away
but you can’t fight
the pull
of the taffy

you get stuck in the
and you wanna

L. K. Thayer
© 2010

Stephen Kalinich (journal entry)

Photo by VC Ferry

Stephen Kalinich


I was struck

by a saxophone player

at the bridge
at Cesto Ponte
when I was going off of the island
on the river Tiber.
He was playing Autumn leaves.
It was a warm sunny day
with a slight touch of wind.
I threw a few coins in his bowl.
He was incredible
A Saxophone
beautifully flowing tones
played with much feeling
bringing tears to my eyes.
The streets are alive
the notes linger in the air
It touches the music
of the stillness within me.
It rekindles a quiet joy.
He keeps playing.
A dusty baseball cap
an old shirt short sleeved
gray sleeveless sweater
and sandles
with no socks
and filthy feet
like the one in a Caravaggio painting.
The ones that show
the humaness
of the reality we exist within.
The breeze is beautifully blowing.
It almost blows my hat into the Tiber.

What a joy to live.
He plays My Way
which I usually do not like
but today it is a wonderful sound.

Stephen Kalinich

All Rights Reserved

© 2006