“Bouquet” by Langston Hughes



Gather quickly

Out of darkness

All the songs you know

And throw them at the sun

Before they melt

Like snow

Langston Hughes

“Wolf Song” by Vida Vierra

Fresh prints appear on the snows of my remembering

The erupting silence awakens me from hibernation.

I rise to track you through the Milky Way only to tumble back to earth-

You shape shift in the darkness

My pounding heart chases after you into the shadows

Ancestors could call on you once upon a memory. They knew your songs.

This wayward daughter has forgotten the old ways, instincts dulled by abuse

Your golden gaze quiets the breath of this lonely hunter.

Your Sister Moon descends; her light fills my empty belly.

I surrender my arrows, confess my broken vows

I weep my relief into your midnight fur.

You force me to the highest ground, we enter the Spirit Dance


Vida Vierra

Print by Ian Sexton – © 2007

© 2010