“Stampede Of Presence” by Vicki Batkin

His spirit dances into my semi-conscious mind,
while I’m under the influence of the needles.
I feel peace.
“Did you relax?” she says,
as she enters the room,
to extract the thin sharp stainless steel from my body
Yes, I reply with my bones feeling heavy.
Gingerly, I sit up,
and notice a bright orange shoe-horn,
clinging to the coat-hanger.
It’s the only color
in this small, pale room.
And, it’s over a foot long.
I did not notice that when I arrived.
Through the dust from the stampede,
I wipe my eyes and look again.
He used a shoe-horn.
and long.
“For Christ-sake, use a shoe-horn”
He would say, over and over
“You can’t ruin the integrity of the shoe”
“And the sock will suffer as well”.
Of course, I thought,
wearing a baby’s brain
with an old man’s heart.
I don’t need knowledge
when I found wisdom
Sometimes Good is better than Clever
I promise to never ruin the integrity of the shoe
I promise the sock will not suffer
I promise to use a shoe-horn.
If you promise to keep showing up

Vicki Batkin

© 2011

“The Moments That Are No More Still Live” by Stephen Kalinich

the moments
that are no more
still live
echo throughout the World
sing the many songs of joy
life can be glorious
and we have lived the glory
in the experiences
we have shared already
reliving our lives
through mute skies
we sing aloud every day
I am life
i am your heart
yourself in me…
and every heart shall open
and every ear shall hear
one has come today
who talks about one
who comes alive within
the quickening spirit
the music Creator
of all melodies
the eternal composer
rules over and through each soul
ever born everywhere
that holds
the wind in her grasp
whose touch is all encompassing.
The moments that are no more still live.

Stephen Kalinich

Photo by Jill Jarrett

All Rights Reserved

© 2010

“2009” (journal entry) by Stephen Kalinich

Grace will direct your inner path

if you open up to it.
Sometimes it takes letting go

of old mind sets
and trusting spirit to move you forward.
I believe you can create a plan for your life
that allows spontaneity

and freedom
and still has purpose and meaning…
something you have a passion for…
Have courage to face the changes
and let go of attachments
and leave it to the infinite unseen.

I wish you all the best.


Art by Stephen Kalinich

and John Robertson

All Rights Reserved

© 2009

“Trust” by L. K. Thayer

Photo by VC Ferry

when trust


in a knot sometimes
and devours

from wrong

like a cannibal
at a table

for two

it’s time to
pull back
and take

a second look
at the person

to your name

sleeps in your

and wears
the same size shoe

ask them
when are you

to give them


don’t keep them
let the curtain

the time is



L. K. Thayer

All Rights Reserved

© 2009