“Resilient Breed” by Roz Levine

Like bamboo thriving
With roots ensnared
Among backyard perfections
And leafy greens morphing
To jungle turf takeover
I flit from branch to branch
Of life’s swirl and twirl
Swing from tree to tree
With blood curdling howls
Me Tarzan
Me Jane
Me Wonder Woman
Spray me with pesticide
Beam me up to alien gates
Envelop me in gravitas
Buckle me to five jobs
For the board and food
Of my little chickadees
Cause I’ve hoed the road
Read the riot act
Defeated death at sixteen
When a ruptured appendix
Burst me to heaven’s gate
I yodel lay me down
Do it again
See me rise and shine
Growl over cancer clovers
Claw over spouse’s heart disease
Diabetes and peripheral neuropathy
See me fly sky high
Over chronic pain
Sciatica burn and shout
With frizz on deep fry
Watch me jump through hoops
Meditate over treetops
Hang from trapeze wires
No rot and roll
No do me in
No net between
Sky and earth land
See me, a bamboo thriver
Taking over this life
See me, a wonder woman
Of female homo sapien

Roz Levine

L. K. Thayer’s Foto Fetish

© 2011